Episcopate Commission Holds Talks with Church of Romania

[Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America - Joint Dialogue Commission]   Prompted by the ongoing dialogue between the two Romanian Orthodox eparchies in North America, the Episcopate requested the initiation of direct talks with the Church of Romania.  As explained in a letter to all parishes, the intent of such talks was to clarify and seek a mutual understanding of certain historical issues between the Mother Church of Romania and the ROEA, the plight of its departed hierarchs, and related issues.  Having received a favorable response to its request, the members of the Episcopate’s Joint Dialogue Commission, led by His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel, traveled to Bucharest, Romania for meetings on February 25, 26 and 27, 2008.  The Commission is composed of Very Rev Frs Laurence Lazar (Chair), Remus Grama, Catalin Mitescu, Ian Pac-Urar, and Romey Rosco.

While in Bucharest, the delegation participated in a Liturgy on St Policarp day at Antim Monastery, and was welcomed at Pasarea and Cernica Monasteries.  On Sunday, February 24, His Eminence was invited to be the celebrant of the Divine Liturgy in the Patriarchal Cathedral, assisted by the Episcopate and Cathedral Clergy.

The next day, the delegation was cordially welcomed by His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel who personally monitored the ensuing discussions and hosted several meals and a working session in the Patriarchal residence.  The Episcopate delegation and the specially constituted Patriarchal Commission chaired by His Eminence Archbishop (now Metropolitan) Nifon of Târgovişte, with His Eminence Archbishop Nicolae (Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese of the Two Americas), His Grace Bishop Ciprian Câmpineanul, Patriarchal Vicar, Patriarchal Councilors Frs. Mircea Uţa, and Ioan Armaşi, held several rounds of frank discussions in a promising spirit of Christian brotherhood.  The talks resulted in a mutually agreed upon statement.

In addition to the above, and in terms of the unwarranted establishment of a self-proclaimed Romanian Exarchate in America, the JDC hopefully helped the Church of Romania better understand American pastoral realities.

CLICK HERE to download the Agreed Statement.