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December 1, 2008

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3 Comments to “2008 Orthodox Brotherhood Conf.”

  1. Administrator Says:

    The Brotherhood meeting of Oct. 17-19, 2008 was the first time that the Unity under Bucharest proposal has been openly debated within our Vatra Episcopate. The outcome is clear. American ROEA and Romanian ROAA Unity is desired but it must be under the independent and autocephalous OCA, and not under the foreign state-controlled church which is the Romanian Patriarchate.

    All concerned should take note that when people are not manipulated and when they are given the complete facts rather than misinformation, they generally choose to protect their Church heritage and are not willingly to give it up to a foreign church and/or government. This is the problem with open debate where full information is made available. It is very difficult to manipulate the result, and logic usually prevails. For this very reason, future open debate on this issue will unhappily, most probably be limited.

  2. Pomutz Says:

    I find your last line to be prophetic in nature. As you predicted, the ROEA has elected to adopt the tactics of the Romanian Patriarchate its Joint Dialogue Commission so seeks to unite with. By this I mean its administrators have made a deliberate decision to not publish in Solia an otherwise balanced and objective article on the Unity workshop that took place at October’s Orthodox Brotherhood Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

    The article that did appear in the December Solia newspaper was a “sanitized” version of events related to the Unity discussion. Missing were the highlights of comments by Frs. Vincent and Frunza and Deacon Oancea that attempted to add depth and balance to an issue that has more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie thriller.

    The more comprehensive article that was proposed by a participant was rejected no doubt because it deviated from the ROEA’s official but unspoken position that it and it alone knows what’s best for the faithful. Anyone who dares to “rock the boat” by interjecting an opposing viewpoint will be looked upon as a heretic unworthy of acknowledgment. In their minds, its Unity above all else. The faithful can either hop aboard the quickly departing “Unity Express” or risk being crushed as it leaves the train station.

  3. william clark Says:

    I know all three men,close enough to call them friends,I am also a late comer to all this. One does not have to take sides here, but from what I have read, I agree with Frs. Vincent, Frunza and David Oancea to really take this very slowly. Unity can ONLY be accomplished through the Holy Spirit. We love Romania,I hope to visit one day, its a holy country or it was… We must proceed very slow and Pray for Gods Will to be done. Wait it out don’t jump. Follow ABN. Don’t rush him he has a lot on his plate and it is too soon to predict what may happen.When in doubt follow the Bishop he has taken us a long way I try to put myself in his shoes to no avail Love in Christ FR BILL.

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Doamne şi stăpâne al vieţii mele,
duhul trândăviei, al grijii de multe, al iubirii de stăpânie,
şi al grăirii în deşert nu mi-l da mie.

Iară duhul curăţeniei, al gândului smerit, al răbdării şi al dragostei dăruieşte-l mie,
slugii tale.

Aşa, Doamne Împărate, dăruieşte-mi, ca să-mi văd greşalele mele,
şi să nu osândesc pe fratele meu;

că bine eşti cuvântat în vecii vecilor. Amin.


Tatăl nostru, Carele eşti în ceruri,
Sfinţească-se numele Tău.

Vie împărăţia Ta,
fie voia Ta,
precum în cer aşa şi pre pământ.

Pâinea noastră cea de toate zilele
Dă-ne-o nouă astăzi,
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precum şi noi iertăm
greşiţilor noştri.

Şi nu ne duce pe noi în ispită,
Ci ne mântuieşte de cel rău.