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Author: Administrator
November 30, 2013
As was announced here (May 10, 2011), the Jerusalem Patriarchate broke off communion with the Romanian Patriarchate because of the anti-canonical position of the church in Jericho which was under the Romanian Patriarchate.  After many discussions the Romanian Patriarchate’s website presents us with a brief announcement on February 22, 2013: “… brotherly and Eucharistic Communion was re- established between the two Churches…”  Here is what the Jerusalem Patriarchate’s website said about the re-establishment: “…The Romanian Patriarchate recognizes fully and unreservedly the canonical jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem in the Holy Land… The spiritual, liturgical and ecclesiastical use of these buildings [Church and hostel in Jericho] should depend on the canonical blessing of the Patriarch of Jerusalem [not Romania].  The priests serving [here] should be appointed by the Patriarch of Jerusalem… [who] may Himself or with his clergy, liturgically use this church whenever he decides to do so… [and the]  antimension will be received from the Patriarch of Jerusalem. The Romanian Patriarchate will avoid in future to build churches or shrines on the canonical territory of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem without written agreement.”  So, are we describing “brotherly” cooperation here, or is the Romanian Patriarchate forced to totally capitulate, being guilty of non-canonical actions?

Also, with the creation of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in North & Central America a few years ago (whose mandate is to unite all Orthodox churches in this territory into one jurisdiction), after almost three years of inactivity regarding the ROEA (OCA) and ROAA (BOR) unity/merger issue, and because these 20 year old discussions have now become obsolete, talks on this issue seem to be over. Therefore, the May 2012 Administrator article remains valid.