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Author: Administrator
July 21, 2013

Even though there has been news, with the June 20, 2013 announcement that, in northeast Tennessee, Holy Resurrection Antiochian Orthodox Church and Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church are being brought together into one, united Orthodox church community, convened under the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, with the parish priest being Fr. Stephen Mathewes, who remains a priest of the Antiochian Archdiocese (a grass roots solution for Orthodox unity in N.A.), nothing new has happened regarding the ROEA (OCA-Vatra) and ROAA (BOR) unity/merger issue.

This is because ROEA “Due Diligence” questions have yet to be answered by the ROAA.  In fact, at the 80th Annual ROEA Episcopate Congress held September 28-29, 2012 in Detroit Michigan, our JDC ( Dialogue Commission) described the communication as being at a “stalemate”, and talks at an impasse.

Therefore, the May 2012 Administrator article remains valid.