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May 2012 Message

Author: Administrator
May 10, 2012

As readers of this website you will appreciate that it has a sole purpose, and for the four years of its existence, the debate is about the ROEA and ROAA unity/merger issue.

There have been no developments for a while as Due Diligence ROEA questions have not been satisfactorily answered by the ROAA/BOR, and this for two years now.  The fundamental arguments have been presented and thoroughly debated and discussed on this dedicated website over the past four years.  Almost all important issues have been presented and interested parties have been able to keep abreast of developments as they occurred.

As well, four years ago, SCOBA, the committee of Orthodox Canonical Bishops in America, was barely having meetings, let alone talking about the unity of all Orthodox eparchies in America in order to form a multi- ethnic American Orthodox Church.  This has changed in the past two years as SCOBA has been replaced by the “Episcopal Assembly” which has been mandated by several important Patriarchates (including the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Moscow Patriarchate) to solve the “Diaspora” issue, not only in North America, but worldwide.   Progress in this regard has been positive of late and there is real hope that the “Episcopal Assembly” may succeed where SCOBA failed.

The reality of a multi-ethnic American Orthodox Patriarchate, led by an American Patriarch, to which all ethnic eparchies here - spiritually and administratively - would become subordinated to, is closer than ever before.  This new reality should bring to final conclusion any further discussions regarding the ROEA leaving the OCA, and through unity/ merger with the ROAA, submit itself under the authority of the BOR - because both eparchies would be in the American Patriarchate, which itself would have new territorial structures.

The Ann Rogers article on this website (dated April 15, 2012) presents a situation that is closer to reality than anyone could imagine.  Everyone is urged to read and re-read that complete and compelling article about Orthodoxy in America.  Consequently, we in the ROEA do not need a 1935 solution to a 21st century problem.  Rather, we must all move forward and promote an American Patriarchate. The ROEA’s Archbishop Nathaniel is involved directly, being seated on an “Episcopal Assembly” committee, and the ROEA’s Bishop Irineu sits on another.  Indeed, things are quickly moving ahead.  A great example of this new reality is that both Archbishop Nicolae of the ROAA and the leader of the OCA, Metropolitan Jonah, sit on the same “Episcopal Assembly” committee.  It seems that the Hierarchs understand the new reality and are striving to bring all Christian Orthodox here together, spiritually and administratively, into one American Orthodox Patriarchate, led by one American Patriarch.

Because things are at an impasse given the lack of satisfactory ROAA answers to ROEA Due Diligence questions and we do not want to bore you repeating the same discussion themes, and since progress at the “Episcopal Assembly” level isn’t quite that fast, it seems to be a good time to take a break in the regular web activities of “”.  Comments sent to the website during this time will only be read by the Administrator and not posted here.  If something important happens, it will be posted on this website.  For those in the ROEA wanting to keep informed, the “” and the “” web sites are the official organs.  On the “Episcopal Assembly” level regarding a multi-ethnic Orthodox American Patriarchate, the “” website is the definitive resource.  As well, the “” website has news regarding Orthodoxy in North America.

The “” website will continue to be available to its readers, with all articles and comments from the beginning of the site, fully retrievable. A message regarding “” web activity will be posted monthly on this site.

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