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Author: Administrator
December 5, 2011
The Romanian Orthodox Church promotes Romanianism and not Orthodoxy in her “Diaspora”.

In the Nov. 23 2011 edition of the Ziarul Lumina newspaper, an article appeared (please see the preceeding article on this website) where it is clearly obvious that the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) is more interested in promoting Romanianism in the “Diaspora” than Orthodoxy - its sacred role.

The first words in that article are explicit: “…Father Ion Armasi’s [doctoral] work is the first scientific study which details aspects of the mission and Romanian pastoral care given at the global level…”  As well, We see that Father Ion Armasi Vartan speaks with authority being: “…Patriarchal Counselor for foreign communities, in the Church interreligious relations sector of the Romanian Patriarchate… “

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