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The Policy of “Fait Accompli”

Author: Alex. Nemoianu
July 1, 2011

In my opinion the so called ‘dialogue” between the “Vatra” Episcopate and the ROAA (the contraption brought into existence by the Romanian communists at the beginning of the fifties of the previous century) is stalled or, anyhow, no information was provided regarding any “progress” by the instruments that should do that.

Up to a point this situation is the direct consequence of the very feeble and frivolous arguments in favor of subordination concocted by the JDC.  The “dialogue” is stalled because the communist contraption (ROAA) is unable or unwilling to produce a legal document whatsoever, a CPA audit, regarding its financial activities. The cause, or causes, of this situation is anyone’s guess. It might be that there is financial chaos; it might be that murky activities happen there, it might be that the salaries of ROAA’clergy are paid by the Romanian government. As I said, it is anyone’s guess.

In the meantime the nefarious movement of subordination (”unity”!?) toward the cleptocratic Romanian Patriarchate is continued “under the radar”, in a stealthy way. (The communists and all their offspring were and are fierce partisans of murky and dubious ways.) In this case we see the policy of “fait accompli”, an action which is completed before those affected by it are in a position to react or to reverse it. It should be remembered that among political ways, the policy of fait accompli is, probably, the most dishonest.  It is the policy of dealing under the table, outside the existing legal order and outside the scrutiny of public opinion.

All sort of services, generally commemorating dubious “historical” events, are done in common (by “Vatra” clergy and of the ROAA); all sorts of statements are issued (always in favor of the subordination) by clergy or lay people with little or no moral credentials and speaking out of both sides of the mouth.

In some cases a policy of “missionary” mushrooming is promoted. Numerous “missions” are established in an area where an old and respected parish exist, and always if that parish is unwavering in its commitment toward American Orthodoxy. The new” missions” are established to undermine such parishes. Adding insult to injury the new “missions” are, at least in one case, frankly, franchised to the same family!

We witness a deliberate action of ignoring the legal order, the authority of the ruling hierarch, due process, due diligence and, in my opinion, common sense.  Let us be very clear.

The problem of subordination toward the cleptocratic Romanian Patriarchate is not a canonical one.   In this respect the Orthodox canons are crystal clear: all dioceses have to be under the authority of local hierarchs. Concepts of “phyletism” and “ethnocentrism” are alien to Orthodox dogmas.

The problem of subordination is strictly administrative and thus, of interest to all the faithful, clergy and lay people. Consistently it should be debated by all and each of them, openly.  The policies of fait accompli, concealment, and secrecy are the mark of the regimes and organizations that disregard both law and the condition of being under the law. Those policies are antithetic to everything the New World stands for!

About secrecy and censorship, in a famous speech on April 27, 1961, President John F. Kennedy said: “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.” Those words are as true today as they were fifty years ago. Those words perfectly fit our situation with that “dialogue” promoting the nefarious project of subordination (”unity”) toward the cleptocratic Romanian Patriarchate.

After all trappings are removed the problem of subordination (”unity”) toward the cleptocratic Romanian Patriarchate is a choice.  It is a choice between, political expediency and personal gains, and moral resolve and loyalty to the New World. Under no circumstances should the moral values be an expendable commodity.

2 Comments to “The Policy of “Fait Accompli””

  1. Administrator Says:

    For a while we have seen a campaign of subjecting us under the thumb of Bucharest being conducted from within the bosom of our Episcopate by senior clerics, but no one wanted to believe such a thing. And now there is simply no other explanation. Enough! THE DIALOGUE WITH BUCHAREST SHOULD STOP HERE or … the discussion should become open and held in every parish.

    All must be done at the parish level since it is from there, one by one, that the decision was made to enter our Vatra Episcopate, ROEA-OCA. The rule should be: ‘The way you enter is the way you can leave’. An Extraordinary Congress should do nothing more than affirm the wishes of these parishes which together form this Episcopate. Anything else would show a lack of respect for all those who laid the cornerstones of these parishes and of our Vatra Episcopate!

    This decision should not be made by “missions” with few attendees, or those created only for there to be an additional pro-subjugation under BOR vote, with the naming of a priest already sold on the idea of subjugation (is this the way to get his position?) As well, a mission should not be accepted as a parish unless it has its own church building with no more than half the cost being the mortgage. Enough with childish ruses in order to get 3 extra pro-subjugation (1priest and 2 laity) votes, if not even 4 votes with an assistant priest. Let the future of our Episcopate be decided upon by serious parishes where the faithful have something significant to lose if they make the wrong decision. What does a property-less mission risk losing – a rental agreement? And since there is no serious financial implication, tomorrow another mission is opened across the street by some of the same people: ‘We’ve found the Lord again…’ but now under another Bishop - praise the Lord.

    And finally, let us not forget that the OCA Synod must approve such a thing for it to occur. What is the Synod’s position in this matter? IT IS BETTER THAT WE STOP HERE. The Romanian Patriarchate represents our past in North America, while the OCA is our present and our future as well as that of our children here. Let’s get on with growing our church here!

  2. Administrator Says:

    De mult vedem ca o campanie pro-subjugare sub degetul Bucurestiului este condusa si din inima Episcopiei noastre prin clerici senior, dar nimeni nu a vrut sa creada asa ceva. Iata ca nu mai exista alta posibilitate. Destul! DIALOGUL CU BUCURESTI SA SE OPREASCA AICI sau … discutia sa fie deschisa si tinuta in fiecare parohie.

    Totul trebuie facut la nivel de parohie fiindca de acolo s-a decis, una dupa alta, sa se intre in aceasta Episcopie Vatra ROEA-OCA a noastra. Regula ar trebui sa fie: ‘Asa cum ai intrat, asa si pot iesi’. Un Congres extraordinar nu poate decat sa afirme vointa parohiilor, care impreuna formeaza aceasta Episcopie. Altceva ar fi o lipsa de respect pentru toti care au pus temelie la aceste parohii si Episcopiei Vatra!

    Aceasta decizie sa nu fie luata de catre “misiuni” cu putin credinciosi, sau cele creiata numai ca sa mai fie un vot in plus pro-subjugare sub BOR, prin numirea unui preot déjà vandut subjugarii (oare asa isi capata postul?) In plus, sa nu fie acceptata nici o misiune trecuta ca parohie care inca nu are propria sa cladire cu un maximum de 50% din cost in ipoteca. Destul cu jocuri de copii pentru a capata 3 voturi pro-subjugare in plus (1 preot si 2 laici), daca nu si 4 voturi cu un preot assistent. Mai bine sa se decida viitorul Episcopiei de catre parohii serioase unde se poate pierde ceva real daca decid gresit. Ce risca sa piarda o misiune fara o proprietate – un angajament de inchiriere? Si fiindca nu exista nici o implicatie financiara serioasa, maine se deschide o alta misiune peste drum cu o parte din aceias oameni: ‘Iarasi l-am gasit pe Dumnezeu…’ dar acum sub un alt Episcop, slava domnului!

    In final, sa nu uitam ca Sinodul OCA trebuie sa aprobe asa ceva pentru o a pune in actiune. Care este pozitia Sinodului in aceasta priviinta? MAI BINE SA NE OPRIM AICI. BOR reprezinta trecutul nostru in America de Nord, iar OCA este prezentul si viitorul nostru si ai copiilor nostrii aici. Hai sa crestem biserica noastra aici!

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