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Serbs Respond to Jericho Problem

Author: Press Release
June 11, 2011

Communique Of The Holy Assembly Of Bishops - 30 May 2011.

In Belgrade, at the Serbian Patriarchate, the regular session of the Holy Assembly of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church was held from May 16-27, 2011, presided by His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch…


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… The [Serb] Assembly [Synod] regrets that there has occurred a deep crisis in relations between the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the oldest Christian Church, and the Romanian Orthodox Church, because of the uncanonical activities of the latter in the Holy Land.

Sadly, neither does the hierarchy of the Romanian Orthodox Church respect the canonical order and jurisdiction of the sister Churches in other places. In our case, the Assembly is grateful to the Romanian Orthodox Church for its good relationship towards the Serbian Orthodox Church’s Diocese of Temisvar and for the support it offers to its administrator, clergy and monastics, which reciprocates the Serbian Orthodox Church’s stance of brotherly love towards the Romanians in Serbian Banat, but at the same time it expresses its regret and energetic protest concerning the uncanonical intrusion of certain bishops and clergy from Romania in the territory of two dioceses in eastern Serbia, without the approval of the ruling bishops from the Serbian Orthodox Church.

If the noncanonical and unbrotherly actions of these individuals do not end, the Assembly and Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church will take all canonical and legal steps to stop them, to protect the established canonical order, and to prevent the disturbance of the sacred inter-Orthodox unity, whoever may be the instigator and organizer of the activities which endanger that unity…

2 Comments to “Serbs Respond to Jericho Problem”

  1. Administrator Says:

    Cum am mai spus: devenim de rasul lumii … din ce in ce mai mult!

    Din gura copiilor – la intrebarea: “Ce faci cand ai gresit pe cineva?” Un copil din scoala Duminicala raspunde: “Cand gresesti, sa cer iertare, sa repar ce poti, si sa nu mai repeti pacatul.”

    Ce nu intelege Patriarhia romana? Poate ca n’ar fi rau sa punem un copil in frunte. Logica acestuia depaseste cu mult toate incercariile de a dezvinovăţi Patriarhia Romana venite de la somnitatiile de pe dealul Patriarhiei din Bucuresti.

  2. Administrator Says:

    As I have previously mentioned: we are becoming a laughing stock … more and more!

    From the mouths of babes - when asked: “What do you do after you wronged someone?” A child from Sunday school answers: “When you wrong someone, you ask forgiveness, you fix what you can, and you do not repeat your sin.”

    What doesn’t the Romanian Patriarchate understand? It may not be a bad idea to have a child at the top. This one’s logic surpasses, by leaps and bounds, that of the higher ups on the Patriarchal Hill in Bucharest.

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