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Author: OCA
February 25, 2011

From February 22-24, 2011, the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America participated in a retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His Beatitude, Metropolitan JONAH led the hierarchs in a review of matters affecting the life of the Orthodox Church in America, including the OCA strategic plan, preparations for the upcoming Assembly of Bishops and plans for the 16th All American Council in Seattle.


During their retreat, His Beatitude presented a request to the Holy Synod for a time of personal retreat and spiritual renewal. The Holy Synod granted His Beatitude’s request for a period of 60 days and appointed the senior Hierarch, His Eminence, Archbishop NATHANIEL, of Detroit and the Romanian Episcopate to assist in the temporary administration of the OCA during His Beatitude’s retreat.

As an additional means of assistance to His Beatitude, the Holy Synod relieved him from his responsibilities as Locum Tenens for the dioceses of the South and of the Midwest. The Holy Synod appointed Bishop NIKON as Locum Tenens of the Diocese of the South, with Bishop MARK of Baltimore continuing as Administrator. The Holy Synod also appointed Bishop TIKHON Locum Tenens of the Diocese of the Midwest with Bishop-elect Archimandrite MATTHIAS continuing as Administrator.

In other matters, the Holy Synod accepted the resignation of Archpriest Alexander Garklavs as Chancellor of the Orthodox Church in America and appointed His Grace, Bishop MELCHISEDEK of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania as interim Chancellor.

At the conclusion of their retreat, the members of the Holy Synod of Bishops expressed their joy at the upcoming Bright Week consecration of Archimandrite MATTHIAS as Bishop of Chicago and the Midwest. The consecration will take place over the weekend of April 29 to May 1 and will be concelebrated by His Beatitude, Metropolitan JONAH, the hierarchs of the OCA and other guests.  The Holy Synod also bestowed its pastoral blessing on the clergy and faithful of the OCA and wished them a profitable season of prayer and repentance during the season of Great Lent.

4 Comments to “OCA Changes”

  1. Administrator Says:

    The above is the Official Press Release of the OCA. There exist various interpretations regarding the actual situation but, let’s wait and see how this drama unfolds before commenting it without knowing more about the situation.

    For those of us in the ROEA –OCA this announcement reminds us that our Diocesan Bishop, Archbishop Nathaniel, is now the senior-most Hierarch in the OCA, and as such, he is now effectively the Administrator of the OCA, if even for a temporary period, when and as required, as in this case.

  2. Administrator Says:

    Iata Comunicatul de Presa oficial venit de la OCA. Exista mai multe interpretari despre aceasta situatie, dar hai sa asteptam si sa vedem cum se desfasoara aceasta drama inainte de o a comenta fara sa cunoastem mai mult despre situatia.

    Pentru noi in ROEA-OCA acest anunt ne reaminteste ca episcopul nostru diocezan, Arhiepiscopul Nathaniel, este acum ierarhul senior din OCA, si ca atare, el este acum Administratorul OCA-ului, chiar temporar, cand si cum devine necesar, ca in acest caz.

  3. Toma Says:

    Yes unending drama in the OCA … the sinod of converted hierarchs. Everything happening shows how disorganized they are, and they OCA truly is a joke.

  4. Administrator Says:

    Oh Toma, why can’t you see that the OCA is an Orthodox Church where autocratic rule cannot cover up abuse? This Synod understands these issues and acts accordingly in a conciliar fashion. This is the way the Church was intended to be run. That other Churches play follow their autocratic leader down the garden path to oblivion in an anti-Christian manner does not mean our Synod should do the same! To the contrary, they should be congratulated!

    By the way, pleased stop the silly comments about converts. This and phyletism are divisive and have no place in Christ’s church. Time will tell who the joke you refer to is on.

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