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The Everlasting Power of Reality

Author: Alex. Nemoianu
November 10, 2010
I start with a comment some may find offensive. It is not my intention to be so, and I apologize to those who may be offended.  Nevertheless, it is a fact that in His Wisdom God created all kinds of creatures and species. All of them are useful and help to promote the beauty of the Creation, but they are all different, and not all should mate, even when they can.

This statement is in special reference to the futile efforts to join, “unite”, or whatever, the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America (Vatra) with the Romanian Missionary Archdiocese of America (ROAA). These are two bodies that have pretty much nothing in common from an historical perspective.  The “Vatra” Episcopate is an American-Canadian institution, an institution that belongs to the New World, an institution acting according to the laws and rules of the New World, an institution of the New World with an over one hundred year long history. The main purpose of the “Vatra” Episcopate is to promote Orthodoxy, primarily among those who happen to be of Romanian origin, but who, ALL of them, are members and citizens of the New World; some by choice (the new-comers), others by birth, as well as their descendents of second, third, fourth and fifth generation, but also to all citizens of the New World.

The Missionary Archdiocese (ROAA) was created as a political tool of the Romanian Communist regime.  It remains a tool of the Romanian Patriarchate, and of its patron, the Romanian state.  Maybe some of its members have tried to change; but essentially, as an institution, the ROAA remains a political tool of Romania, captive to the ways of the political regimes of that unfortunate country. That is simply a fact. There is no need to argue the point.

In the ’90s of the previous century, an effort was made to establish normal relations between the two bodies. That end was achieved. The members of the two dioceses can celebrate together, in communion of faith and sacraments. That is Orthodox unity. But that was hardly the goal of the Romanian Patriarchate, an institution burdened by sixty years of active complicity with the Communist regime. For the Patriarchate, it was and it is about administrative and material control: direct and total.  Lately, the idea of administrative “unity” (that would, I repeat, be no more and no less than unconditional subordination to the Romanian Patriarchate , no matter what trappings may be used) has became an obsession.

If in the past I offended some honest members of the Joint Dialogue Commission, I apologize.  I have no personal “beef” with them.  But it seems to me that for some of them this “unity” (in fact subordination) towards the cleptocratic Romanian Patriarchate has become an obsession and an end in itself.  In order to promote this unnatural mating they became captive to some totally un-Orthodox concepts; primarily, to ethnocentrism and its poisonous fruit, phyletism, that is, in fact, simple racism.  In their opinion one can be Orthodox only if he is Romanian!  However, in 1872 at Constantinople it was said clearly…“1.We reject and condemn racial division, that is, racial differences…as being contrary to the teaching of the Gospel and the holy canons of our blessed fathers… 2.In accordance with the holy canons, we proclaim that those who accept such divisions according to race…are foreign to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and are real schismatics.”

There is no doubt in my mind that some of these persons, promoting such aberrations today in order to achieve “unity”, i.e. subordination toward the Romanian Patriarchate, were promised material advantages.  Some became victims of a sick mania of grandeur. Some are victims of one of the most dangerous temptation: the confusion between humility and pride. In addition, too many of the promoters of “unity” with the Romanian Patriarchate have a creepy disposition for secrecy, (which manifests) itself in a systematic habit of offending those of a different opinion, and a general lack of trust in the flock. These are major problems that should be addressed and corrected in the future. To those persons I will not apologize neither today nor tomorrow.

Of course, the main causes of the so-called “unity” problem are Romanian Patriarchal propaganda, its political subordination to the Romanian state, its megalomaniac attitude, its pathetic chauvinism and its greed.  In this context it should also be remembered that the Romanian Patriarchate was not alone on this side of the fence, on the side of an anachronistic approach that considered the New World “not mature enough”, on the side of the attempt of the Orthodox entities of the Old World to control the Orthodoxy of the New World.

But again reality proved its everlasting power. The big “Chambesy” scheme, its neo-imperialistic plans, its ideas of control and empty and uncalled for presumption, is falling apart. The scheme is falling apart because the Greek government is unable and unwilling to finance anymore this hallucination of a “Hellenistic Empire”.  In more plain words, the Greek government has admitted what everybody else already knew: the Ecumenical Patriarchate, “New Rome”, is an empty shell, a handful of Greeks living in a huge, Turkish city.  It is now the time to forget about wounded pride and unfulfilled scenarios. It is time to forget about stubbornness in a mistake. The project of “unity”, i.e subordination to the Romanian Patriarchate, was an attempt misguided, and naive that failed.  It should be water under the bridge.

But in the meantime, we of Orthodox faith should multiply our efforts to realize Orthodox canonical unity of the New World.  In the Temple of God in the New World, we all are to be brothers and soul mates. The autocephalous Orthodox Church of America is an excellent chance and superb beginning. And make no mistake. In such a Temple, the Romanian Missionary Archdiocese (ROAA) also has a place, but as part of Orthodoxy of the New World and not as a dubious tool of the Romanian Patriarchate.

21 Comments to “The Everlasting Power of Reality”

  1. Happy Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ regarding “Everlasting Power of Reality”

    … It appears all jurisdictions have issues with their mother church? Does anyone ever contemplate it … here if all jurisdictions have issues and want to be left alone? Odd fact of life.

  2. Alexandru Nemoianu Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ regarding “Everlasting Power of Reality”

    It is a fact, all Orthodox bodies in the New World based on ethnicity have issues with their “mother” Churches. In this context there is a huge, bright, exception, the OCA. It is the only Orthodox body in the New World that has no issue ,whatsoever, with its Mother Church. In order to get rid of all the “issues” with the bodies of the Old World the OCA should be the example to follow.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ regarding “Everlasting Power of Reality”

    Alexander Nemoianu: I love this guy! He’s FANTASTIC! What a clear, great mind. Thank God there is someone sane within the Romanians. Why O Why O Why does ANYONE want to subject themselves to FOREIGN BISHOPS? They offer nothing and want to take everything! Thank God for Orthodox like Alexander Nemoianu!

  4. Remurobill Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ regarding “Everlasting Power of Reality”

    I am surpized by such ignorancy, not to say STUPIDITY of the people who writtes articles AGAINST UNITY of the Romanians in USA and Canada. THERE IS NO WAY OUT IN THIS DIRECTION !!! UNITY IS NO MATTER OF VOTE IT IS A CANONICAL SOLUTION.
    Even we like it or not UNITY WILL HAPPEN PERIOD. OCA will be out for good.

  5. Anon Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ regarding “Everlasting Power of Reality”

    LOL. Hmmm. Remurobill is on to something.
    Ignorancy R us.

  6. Another anon Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ regarding “Everlasting Power of Reality”

    And since the Romanians who are coming over to America now are planning to stay here, they should canonically become part of the Church that is here…and cut their apron strings. There is a strong, vibrant Church in America (despite the shortcomings of the hierarchs that have caused so much grief as of late), and those who are now living in the US and Canada should join it. THAT is the canonical solution, and there is nothing stupid about it.

  7. Fr. Remus Bleahu Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ regarding “Everlasting Power of Reality”

    Let’s simplify the issue of Unity and Canonicity.
    According to the Canon laws from the First Eccumenical Council the institution which founded a diocese/episcopate is the owner of that. The ones who come after is the administrator NOT THE OWNWERS !!! Therefore the owners have the right to do whatever they need, for the future of that group no matter where that group is all over the world. It is like the parents own the house and they have the title of the house in their hands. The children try to vote to go with the parents or not, it doesn’t matter to the parents, THEY DECIDE WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR HOUSE. Samething with the OCA and the Romanians and the rest. You should know the canonlaws and the history of Orthodoxy.
    You just made a fool of yourselves!!!. …
    … Why Nathaniel goes to Rome ?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ regarding “Everlasting Power of Reality”

    Fr, Get it right concerning Orthodox Canon Law. The Romanians under the OCA are members of an indigenous, canonical, Orthodox local church in America. This is EXACTLY how the Holy Apostles organized the Church - LOCAL CHURCHES UNDER LOCAL BISHOPS. The Holy Apostles didn’t tell those in Antioch to report to Jerusalem or Rome. The Canons of the Church follow this. We don’t believe in foreign bishops holding property not in their local See. Study your Canon Law. Foreign bishops have no real authority over North America! It’s not a matter of “UNITY,” it IS a matter of LOCAL BISHOPS RULING OVER LOCAL CHURCHES!

  9. Just answer these questions please Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ regarding “Everlasting Power of Reality”

    If bishops only have a voice in their own country, Why did the OCA bishops attend, or better yet crash, the E.A.? Didn’t they know to stay away, if their minds are already made up ? +ABN & +BI must have done a fact-finding survey there to find out what their in for sooner or later. Everyone wants unity with themselves on top. Unity is good if and only if a bishop serves with love. Look at how Am Bishops Love these days. Why, O -Why,O -Why,O- ??? Just keep on dragging it out past the Midnight hour and then ask the Bridegroom Himself. I still pray for Peace on Earth.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ regarding “Everlasting Power of Reality”

    The Pat. of ISTANBUL has no real authority over North America or any other territory outside his See. Same with Moscow, Damascus, etc. These are foreign bishops still trying to grab land & money of Americans. To allow ANY foreign bishop to control your local church is just stupid! WHY??? Canon Law states clearly that local bishops rule over local churches. This is why the OCA is the ONLY real answer to Orthodox unity in North America!

  11. deviladvocate Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ regarding “Everlasting Power of Reality”

    Hey Annonimous you did not do your homework or it is very sloppy. Authochepalous tomus of OCA is a piece of …. not recognized by anyone, even by Moskow, and by the end of December it will be retracted for good. The Canons related to one city one bishop is for one country one patriarchate not for an American chiaclamaka = canonical anomaly. You make a fool of yourself.

  12. OCANews editor Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ regarding “Everlasting Power of Reality”

    [Deviladvocate,] the Autocephaly of the OCA is offcially recognized dejure by 1/3 of the other autocephalous churches; not officially recognized by 1/3; and 1/3 have made no official comment one way or the other. It is de facto recognized by all. And I am sure that your inside knowledge of its imminent revocation by Moscow in December is a surprise not only to Syosset, but to Moscow as well.

    You would have been more accurate, and done better, had you followed the advice in your final line [above].

  13. Anonymous Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ regarding “Everlasting Power of Reality”

    The Tomos of Autocephaly for the OCA CAN’T be rescinded! A “tomos” is an official declaration of the Church. Furthermore, since the OCA is in Communion with ALL Orthodox worldwide (except the nuts), de facto, the OCA is recognized. If you will note, only those churches affiliated with Istanbul won’t “FORMALLY” recognize the OCA’s autocephaly. WHY? Because if they did, in North America, according to canon law, the Greeks would come under the OCA’s authority. The Greeks aren’t interested in N. Am. unity under a local church free from foreign bishops. The “old country” bishops wish to dominate foreign lands against canon law!

  14. ion Says:

    Voi, cei de la “Vatra”, nu intelegeti un lucru elementar - daca vreti sa aveti o institutie bisericeasca de sine statatoare - nu e nici o problema, o aveti deja, dar daca vreti sa va numiti “români” atunci trebuie sa apartineti de “biserica mama” ! Ori nu sunteti români si atunci puteti sa aveti cate institutii bisericesti doriti, veti fi ca oricare alt cetatean american - de origini europene, asiatice, etc, ori, daca vreti sa va pastrati radacinile, sunteti români si atunci incercati, ca prin biserica, sa pastrati traditiile, iar traditia inseamna BOR!

    E simplu de tot. Nu cunosc vre-o biserica italiana de pe continentul american care sa-l nege pe Papă si sa-si spuna italieni !

  15. Administrator Says:

    A fi roman in America nu inseamna a parasi Biserica locala si Autocefala de aici, care este OCA-ul, pentru a fi subjugat unei Biserici corupte, care este Patriarhia din Bucuresti si care ramane o unealta a guvernului roman. NU! Dovada este ca fiind aici am putut sa luptam pentru dreptate in tara romaneasca atunci cand era subjugata comunismului. Astazi vrei sub Bucuresti? Bine. Ce te faci cand guvernul Roman poate fi in camp opus Americii, cum a fost timp de 50 de ani aici? NU! Mai bine sa ramana Episcopia noastra ROEA intr-o Biserica Autocefala Americana -OCA, si mai ales pentru copiii nostri care desigur o vor parasi daca este o Biserica etnica sub Bucuresti.

    Lasa-ma cu Italienii, cu Irlandezii sau Polonezii sau cu oricare etnie Catolica. Toate bisericile catolice aici depind de cardinali locali in America si nu de cei etnici din alte tari. Nici unul nu depinde de o Biserica din Lumea Veche. In plus, nici una nu il neaga pe Papa Romei, cum nici un ortodox nu neaga pe Patriarhul Ecumenic din Constantinopol.

  16. Ion Says:

    Imi pierd timpul degeaba cu “administrator” care e clar ca este un slujbas al ROEA si e platit pentru a denigra BOR si pentru a preaslavi OCA !

    Repet, lucrurile sunt foarte simple :
    1. Daca biserica e “romaneasca” atunci trebuie sa tina de BOR
    2. Daca biserica e “americana” atunci poate sa tina de cine vrea ea

    Si inca o observatie - una este sa fi auzit de Patriarhul de la Constantinopol si alta este sa ii dai ascultare, asa dupa cum fac toti ceilalti pe care ii zeflemesti (catolicii de mai sus) cu Papa !

  17. Administrator Says:

    Poate ca ai uitat, dar Episcopia noastra ROEA, face parte din OCA. BOR ne-a parasit si ne-a necajit din anii 1950 (fiind centrala la distrugerea IPS Valerian) si pana in ziua de astazi, si continua, prin ROAA sa umble cu istorii false (parca ei sunt urmasii Episcopiei lui Morusca, cand justitia Americana a dovedit ca noi suntem). Deci, din anii 1950 noi nu avem nici o legatura oficiala cu BOR si din 1970 Episcopia noastra face parte integrala din Biserica Ortodoxa Autocefala Americana (OCA). Daca vrei sa parasesti Episcopia noastra, te rog – cat mai repede!

    Repet si eu, lucrurile sunt foarte simple :
    1. Mai Ion, cand ai venit in America ai avut de ales : sau cu ROEA-OCA sau cu ROAA-BOR. De ce ai ales OCA, cand dupa cuvintele tale preferi BOR?
    2. Daca ai gresit adresa de ce mai stai la noi? Oare cineva te-a trimis sa ne infiltrezi ca sa ne convingi sa abandonam Biserica noastra locala OCA, si sa ne duci sub o Biserica straina - BOR?

    Nu! Fiecare dintre noi a avut de ales intre OCA si BOR. Noi in ROEA am ales de mult sa fim in OCA de aici, si nu in BOR de acolo. Vrem sa dam ascultare aici la o ierarhie locala si nu una straina. Ce nu este de inteles? In Romania depinzi de Biserica Romaneasca si in America de cea Americana. Asa este normal si asa este ortodox. Altceva este filetism - erezie in Biserica ortodoxa universala.

  18. ion Says:

    1. Mai Administrator, cine ti-a spus ca apartin de OCA ? De fapt, de ce crezi tu ca trebuie sa apartin de ceva ? Eu am venit in America român si asa si vreau sa raman. Român in America asa dupa cum sunt si italieni, greci, rusi, brazilieni.
    2. Te deranjeaza faptul ca citesc textele voastre de pe site si ca nu apartin de OCA ? De ce ati mai facut site, atunci ?
    3. Daca nu sunt de acord cu voi trebuie sa fiu neaparat “infiltrat”? Sau asa se face la OCA - toti cei cu alte pareri sunt “executati” si improscati cu noroi ?
    4. Nu BOR v-a parasit, ci voi ati parasit BOR !!! Ca ati avut motive intemeiate, asta este alta poveste dar faptele sunt pe invers decat cum le expui tu !
    5. Chestia cu alesul dintre OCA si BOR este o poveste nemuritoare ! Fiecare cetatean se duce la biserica cea mai apropiata de locuinta sa. Doar in cazul in care este profund dezamagit de ce se intampla acolo isi cauta o alta biserica, dar acestea sunt cazuri izolate. Ca tine de BOR sau OCA conteaza prea putin, important este sa se vorbeasca in limba stramoseasca - româna !
    6. Ai dreptate ! In America depinzi de Biserica Americana asa dupa cum in Romania depinzi de cea românească! Atunci de ce va numiti români ? Ziceti-va americani si sa fiti sanatosi ! Daca va ziceti români, tineti de Romania, ca asa este drept !
    7. Daca vrei sa mai continuam discutia incearca sa-mi raspunzi punctual si lasa textele comuniste cu ai nostrii sunt buni, iar ai lor sunt rai !

  19. Administrator Says:

    Ion, cum vezi, iata un raspuns la fiecare punct facut.

    1-Ion, vorbesti de “Romani in America” dar asta dureaza numai pana cand copii sau nepotii sa considera Americani. Istoria noastra aici de peste 100 de ani o dovedeste. Iar in acest context, daca vrei ca copii si nepotii sa ramana ortodocsi, mai bine le prezinti cu OCA-ul local decat BOR-ul strain, adica o biserica care depinde de ierarhi Americani si nu ierarhi din Romania.

    2-Acest site poate fi citit de cine sties a citeasca, dar scopul este de a avea un dialog intre persoane implicate in discutia despre meritele unirii ROEA-ROAA sub OCA sau sub BOR, sau status quo.

    3- Daca nu aparti de ROEA n-ai cum sa fi infiltrat la noi, si atunci despre ce vorbesti?

    4- BOR nu numai ca ne-a parasit in anii 1950 prin refuzul de al elibera pe Episcopul Morusca din Romaniadupa sfarsitul razboiului, dar ea a inceput un alt razboi impotriva Vetrei (ROEA) care a dus la distrugerea Arhiepiscopului Valerian (multumita si securistului +Bartolomeu Anania) si care continua pana-n ziua de astazi (ei inca pretind ca ROAA este urmasul episcopiei lui Morusca si nu Vatra noastra -ROEA).

    5- Draga Ion, vorbesti despre ceia ce nu cunosti. Sunt Romani care traiesc peste drum dela o biserica ROAA-BOR si refuza sa intre in ea fiindca Popa de acolo a fost (este inca - un securist?) si sa duc 100 de miles sa fie intr-o biserica ROEA-OCA! Altii incep misiuni ROEA ca sa nu intra in ROAA-BOR. Daca ar fi cum spui nu ar exista atatea duplicatii de biserici in unele orase si un vid in altele.

    6- Noi care suntem in America de ceva timp suntem “Americani de origina Romana”, asa cum vor fi si copii si nepotii tai. Iubim tot ce este romanesc, dar suntem Americani ortodocsi, si unii dintre noi nici nu mai vorbim limba lui Eminescu. In schimb, rostim un Tatal Nostru si in limba de origina si in engleza. Fa cunostiinta cu noi. In asa fel ai o sansa sa vorbesti cu nepotii si stranepotii tai care inca nu s-au nascut. Ei vor fi ca noi! Obijnuieste-te!

    7- Multi dintre noi suntem copii celor care s-au luptat impotriva comunizmului si nu ne convine cand sa incearca sa fie maturat sub covor istoria despre luptatori anti-comunisti din exil. Cand +Valerian Trifa este pomenit nu se poate pomenii in acelasi timp si comunistul +Victorin care s-a lasat manipulat de securisti in sutana trimis din Romania. Martirul si criminalul pomeniti impreuna spaland in necunostinta drama poporului roman din ultimii 70 de ani! Asta vreti? CE FEL DE ROMANI SUNTETI VOI?

  20. Ion Says:

    Domnule Administrator sau Nemoianu sau Viorel sau cum te-oi mai chema… - NOI suntem ROMANI, iar voi AMERICANI !!! Adica noi gandim romaneste, iar voi americaneste ! Si cu asta consider incheiata discutia asta inutila si plina de fariseism ! Multumesc !

  21. Administrator Says:

    Ion, ai dreptate, dar totul pe lumea aceasta sa schimba cu timpul. Omul imbatraneste, copilu creste, ce a fost nou devine vechi, s.a.m.d.

    Astazi “Voi sunteti Romani” (fiindca ati venit recent din Romania) si “Noi suntem Americani” (fiindca suntem nascuti aici). Te rog nu uita ca parintii sau bunicii nostri (pana la 5 generatii) sunt si ei veniti din Romania si ne-au crescut in America pe langa Biserica Ortodoxa Romana facuta de ei si sustinuta de noi, aici. Noi am deschis usile mare, asa cum se cade, cum este crestinesc si romanesc, pentru fiecare nou venit romani ortodox, si l-am imbratisat ca pe un frate. Asa ne-au invatat inaintasii nostrii. Totusi, va rugam sa fiti bun crestin si romani, si sa nu abuzati de bunatatea noastra.

    Aveti copii si maine vor fi si ei (poate din pacate veti spune) ca noi, nascuti si scoliti aici, pe langa biserica stramoseasca, invatand cat de cat ceva cultual (ortodox) si chiar cultural (romaneasca). Deci, aveti sansa unica sa vorbiti astazi cu viitorul! Vorbind cu noi, vorbiti cu urmasii! Vorbind cu Dv. noi avem sansa sa vorbim cu inaintasii nostrii. Sa fim buni unii cu altii si sa intelegem ca este normal ca sa vedem lucrurile altfel.

    Totusi, cand nu impartasim aceias parere, va indemn sa va ganditi ca Dv. ati ales America pentru viitorul nostru. Deci, sa nu ne blamati ca astazi suntem asa cum suntem. In orice caz, viitorul nostru si al copiilor vostri este aici, si nu in Romania. Cei din Romania (Guvernul Roman prin intermediul Bisericii Ortodoxe Romane pe care il plateste) ne vor ca Diaspora lor, o platforma politica Romana in streinatate. Noi nu suntem Diaspora nimanui. Noi suntem cetateni Americani si nu ne vom supune unui guvern strain.

    Deci, noi avem nevoie de o ierarhie bisericeasca condusa de oameni de aici, cu obiceiurile de aici, cu sisteme administrative de aici, pe scurt o ortodoxie Americana, sa ne indrumeze, si atunci cand nu vom mai vorbi limba lui Eminescu (maximum 2-3 generatii, ceva dovedit in istoria noastra de 100 de ani aici), vom avea cel putin valorile ancestrale transmise prin Biserica Ortodoxa, din generatie in generatie. Numai OCA-ul ne ofera aceasta cale frumoasa de viitor.

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