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Who is Leading us to BOR?

Author: Preot Trist - Sad Priest
September 28, 2010
Some priests who have settled here after 1990 are saddened by the impertinence of some of their colleagues, mostly those who came from Romania between 1950 and 1990, those who did not forget the habit of collaborating with the Romanian Government and, in exchange for promises, favours and interest, they strike in all directions, hurting their fellow priests and most importantly, those they pastor. The fact that now, 20 years after the 1989 “revolution”, this group has a new-found yearning to unite under BOR (Romanian Patriarchate), proves clearly that they waited for this precise moment, when the notion of “Diaspora” and “Mother Churches” was being discussed by all Orthodoxy, to show the largest possible support for their side. It is the group of said future “bosses” and they act as if they are already in the positions promised to them in exchange for services rendered. Peace reigned in the Vatra Episcopate and for many years no one imagined the intentions of this tight but quiet group. For this reason, priests with honourable and good intentions also joined the Romanian Vatra, choosing it because they thought they would no longer have to deal with rude and impudent colleagues.

Too many of those who support our subjecting ourselves under BOR and abandoning the OCA (Orthodox Church in America), use lay-pastoral tactics which identify them as belonging to a single category: Profiteers! This is how some in the old country managed to arrive at the top of their “professions” under both the old dictatorship and the actual one. It can be seen from afar that many of you have forgotten Romanian grammar, that you use a restricted/simple vocabulary, and that you left the old country many years ago, leaving others to do the suffering, i.e. those tortured in communist shackles.  Where did you stand when Romanians were suffering in the old country?  You received your “Green Card” and all the rights of the United States, and this under the sheltering of the Vatra Episcopate.  If your Romanian soul had been aching, you would have returned home to at least verbally console those suffering, or you would have militated against the communist system even from here.  But no.  You preferred anonymity, you made yourselves invisible and unheard, you assured your own well-being by taking and giving information, and all at once, after tens of years,  you have a new-found love of Romanians.  The communist system has fallen!  You contributed to the suffering of the Romanian people here and there, and no one points at you to single you out, yet you still haven’t done enough?  Your impertinence is overwhelming!  It is time to retire.  Let us younger priests forge our future here, honourably and in dignity.

Why didn’t you learn from the Priests who went into Romanian exile up to 1948?  They and those with them, gave up everything in order to fight against the communism that overran their country of origin.  They wrote in newspapers in exile, they spoke on Voice of America and on Radio Free Europe, they organised the liberation of many political prisoners from Romania through their influence in the countries they resided.  Other exilees held the tricolor flag high, becoming renowned in their respective fields, and when they had the opportunity, they used their positions to promote the liberation of their country of origin from under the Soviet yoke.

Unhappily, among those settling in the West after the installation of communism in Romania and until at least 1990, there were also those who were sent or who left with the accord of the government and were used as tools of BOR and the Romanian communist Government, against the Romanian - Americans/ Canadians found here, the majority having anti-communist sentiments. While the exilees and those born from the first generations of Romanians here focussed on how best to help Romania, those who were sent, or those who left  with the accord of the Romanian government, lived here very well indeed.  They worked here and received salaries here, and from there, for “information” and “services rendered”.  After 1990, when all had the right to leave Romania, and not only some, do you know how hard it was initially for us, those without “connections”?

I ask myself : “what gives with many of those who came between 1950 and 1990?”  Do you know how many newly arrived priests and their families suffered and still suffer on this North American continent?  They left the old country after the supposed “revolution”, they obtained their Green Card with great difficulty given that the status of “refugee” no longer applied, they worked in the lowest of jobs, and they still suffer the consequences of this separation.  Yet, not one of these desires to return to the old or new dictatorship.  We, who came after 1990 without “connections”, left to become foreigners because, to our shame, even foreigners are closer than “your own”, and here Church is Church, not like in Romania where the Church is the state, and the state the church. Over there it is enough to be someone’s son or nephew, a relative, or someone’s recommendation to get far ahead.  It’s terrible, but it is very difficult to be both an honest man and a man with a future in our own country Romania.  So, we left … and I believe you understand …

Who wants to still be honest here, does not get involved with Romania.  Being Romanian is one thing, and Romania is something else altogether.  They dirtied her and very many continue to do so; she has become a Romania in mourning.  If you want to help her, help from the outside, from an immaculate place, undirtied, where you can actually do something.  If you also want to dirty this oasis in what is left of the Vatra Episcopate, then carry on with Bucharest which you support so much.

How many Romanians have you helped in America, from when they arrived at the airport until now? Many old families that left Romania behind and suffered, are the ones who also help.  Who once suffered, continues to suffer along with those still arriving today from Romania.  Misery, corruption and suffering continue in the old country, and many honest people continue to leave.  These people need help, even if it is nothing other than a kind word and a piece of bread.  If we don’t help those here, how can we help those there?  If our hearts don’t grieve seeing the suffering of those around us, how can we grieve for others far away?  This can only be a facade, lacking any soul!  This is only about personal interest and lies!  That is the way it was in the old country and the way it still is today.  We left the old country also because of this, but we find it here in certain individuals.

We left corruption behind.  We want to live in truth!  Truth is here!  We have re-found ourselves in this place, in this country, in the Vatra Episcopate, and in this divine place, which is the OCA.  We could have chosen to be under BOR by joining their Archdiocese here, but we wanted to start afresh, without influence from the old country corrupton where parishes and positions are bought and sold.  We have sacrificed too much to be here.  We don’t want to dirty ourselves anymore!  Nor will we allow others, particularly those with questionable agendas, to dirty us! Leave the Vatra Episcopate continue growing in peace, and as you found her - as part of the OCA! Again we ask you: “Let us younger priests forge our future here, honourably and in dignity.”

19 Comments to “Who is Leading us to BOR?”

  1. Viorel Says:

    Preotul Trist a pus in cuvinte ceea ce stim in inimile noastre. Romania nu ne lasa chiar peste oceane! Ce cauta printre noi acesti preoti care au colaborat in trecut si continua si astazi? Ei nu au decat sa faca ASCULTARE. Ei incearca sa ne vanda Bucurestiului fiindca asa este comanda. Saracii profitori! La pensie cu voi!

  2. Peter Says:

    It is frightening to read this account from a young priest. So much pain, yet so much courage! I have renewed faith in these younger priests.

  3. Pr.Anonim Says:

    Parinte Trist; chiar ca avem nevoie de lumina. Noi am plecat de acasa din cauza coruptiei in Biserica. Si fratii nostrii de acasa s-au saturat de ierarhia romana, iar noi aici, fugim ca prostii dupa ea? Am amestecat dorul de cele frumoase lasate in urma, cu sentimentul de apropriere cu BOR. Ce am uitat este ca am fugit de coruptia BOR! Si singur vrem acuma sa ne punem franghie la gat! Avem Nevoie De Lumina!

  4. Anonim Says:

    Cine sunteti voi sa ne acuzati pe noi? Ce am facut, am facut si Dumnezeu va judeca, nu voi.

  5. Administrator Says:

    De acord ca Dumnezeu va va judeca si nu noi. Insa, ce vrem noi este sa va retrageti de pe prima linie. Este mai bine pentru oamenii care stiu ce pacate au facut, sa se retraga si sa nu mai stea in fata negand ce nu se poate nega. Acestia inca vor sa ne indrume pe noi? Voi? Fiti seriosi! Ce credibilitate mai aveti?

  6. AnonimA Says:

    Multumesc pentru mesajul dat. Gandire clara. La obiect. Nimeni nu poate nega continutul. Concluzia? Indiscutabila.

  7. Anonim2, Anonim3 Says:

    Sa va … si cu …

  8. Administrator Says:

    Destul cu vocabularul de strada. Daca aveti un argument valabil va rog sa-l exprimati aici si daca nu, tineti-va comentariile!

  9. Preot Paroh Says:

    Toti am aplaudat cand a plecat Patriarhul Teoctist la manastire, si imi aduc aminte cu cat amar am plans cand a revenit la putere, adus de Iliescu. Nu va spunem sa mergeti la manastire; acasa este destul! Lasati-ne pe noi sa ne facem viata aici cinstit si onorabil fara ca sa fim murdarit si noi de aceste lucruri creiate de voi si care mineaza Biserica noastra. La timpul vostru voi ati facut ce ati crezut. Lasati-ne si pe noi acum sa facem ce ne indrumeaza constiinta sa facem.

  10. Viorel Says:

    Cu ce drept sapati viitorul preotilor tineri care nu s-au vandut autoritatilor din Tara. Lasati-i in pace. Ei sunt viitorul nostru.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    It is refreshing to read these words coming from a young priest from Romania. These are the very words so many of the pillar priests repeated and taught us. Here is here and there is there. A church for America and a church for Romania is the answer because we need a church for Americans in America and a church for Romanians in Romania. Nothing else will do.

  12. Thomas Says:

    Preot Trist, Domnul Administrator, Nenea Nemoianu,[samd?]

    Anul acesta, la Congress s-a adeverit si a iesit la suprafata ceea ce intradevar vor si simt oamenii in aceasta episcopie, si anume: unirea cu Biserica noastra mama BOR. S-a pus la vot, si a trecut cu peste 99 la suta.

    Voi, ori sunteti cu noi, ori iesiti afara si lasati-ne in pace cu tristetea voastra si ambitiile voastra de nimic. Majoritatea oameniilor vor unirea. Asa ca; lasati-o balta cu abureliile!

  13. Administrator Says:

    La ce Congres ai fost tu, ma Thomas? Ca si acum 2 ani, raportul pus la zi de JDC, adica de acel grup de 5 preoti din cele doua episcopii (ROEA si ROAA), a fost prezentat Congresului si a fost acceptat ca lucrarea lor – SI NIMIC MAI MULT! Stii ca acum doi ani, dupa acelasi lucru, s-a anuntat fals unirea, adica supunerea noastra sub Bucuresti si lumea noastra buna a sarit in protest masiv. Uite, de data aceasta nici BOR nici ROAA si nici media sustinuta de guvernul roman, nu a anuntat nici un vot si nici o unire. Si tu vrei sa o faci? Opreste minciunile!

    In aceasta discutie singurii care au ce castiga supunand ROEA BOR-ului sunt cei in buzunarul Bucurestiului. Cine stie ce s-a promis? Titluri, pozitii, bani? Noi care vrem “status quo” cu ROEA in OCA, nu avem nimic de castigat decat sa fim aparatorii adevarului. Ai inteles?

  14. Mitch Says:

    … ca sa vedeti cat de puerili sunteti sau mai bine zis D-lor anchetatori ai Romanilor Ortodocsi din America? Multa bafta, dar nu cred ca o sa mai aveti multa, sfarsitul va e aproape, sfarsitul jocului vostru binenteles. Ai nu trebuie sa imi publicati raspunsul caci oricum publicati numai ceea ce va place, cercetatorilor aparatori ai… nu stiu, si cred ca nici voi nu stiti.

  15. Administrator Says:

    Nu va convine ce spunem – atunci sa veniti cu contra-argumente. Astfel de mesaje sunt fara sens si va clasifica ca o persoana irationala. Singurul sfarsit ce e vizibil este relativismul, revizionizmul si reschimbarea care o faceti de fiecare data cand ordinele de la cei cu ochi albastri se schimba. Noi suntem usor de inteles. Oameni logici si harnici, cu principii si caracter, si care nu privesc in spate odata plecati la drum. Oameni de baza … adica romanul de pe timpuri …

  16. Pr. Remus Bleahu Says:

    Am ramas stupefiat de lipsa de educatie religioasa si istorica a celor care scriu. Plus o imbecilitate grosolana cand spun ca nu sunt afiliati la ROEA sau OCA. “Un om prost intotdeauna il crede si pe vecinul sau prost” pentru ca nu poate gandi altfel.

    Mai bine v-ati uita la barnele din ochii vostri, care ati venit cu spagi si ati omorat oameni, perzandu-va dreptul de-a fi preoti. Pe ban,i mai rau ca Simon magul sunteti preoti ca niste nulitati de speriat. Chiar mentorul vostru, Nathaniel …

    Sunteti asa de tampiti de nu puteti distinge misiunea Bisericii de interesul vostru personal, nici rolul Bisericii Ortodoxe in lume de tampeniile voastre meschine. N-ati fost buni nici in Romania, nu sunteti buni nici aici.
    Voi si cei de la Vatra sunteti cei din Romani 1: 21-32.

  17. Administrator Says:

    Cand un om normal nu are argument valabil sa-si sustina pozitia, atunci el si-o schimba. Daca nu, dovedeste tuturor ca e papagalul cuiva. Atunci incepe cu insultele. SARACUL SARMAN!

    Noi nu am omorat pe nimeni. Criminali sunt aceia care si-au vandut fratii si tara pentru pozitii, glorii si bani. Vai de ei! Preotii noi veniti nu au facut nimic pentru bani si glorii, altfel ar fi avut si bani si glorii! Nu, asta revine unor preoti care au venit aici inainte de 1990 si care stau bine cu BOR, chiar fiind in ROEA?

    Noi nu avem nici un interes aici decat binele bisericii. Acuzarile voastre sunt fara substanta si fac parte din Campania de denigrare sustinuta de papagalii fara argument care nu pot motiva de ce ar fi bine sa ne subjugam BOR-ului.

  18. Thomas Says:

    Congresul a vorbit. Daca ai atata dreptate in ce zici,raspunde mai omule: “dece au votat 99 la suta pentru unire (pentru ca sa se continue pasii spre unirea cu BOR si formarea Mitropoliei in America)!”

    Deceeeeeeee? Trezeste-te domnule la realitate! Oamenii vor unirera. Tu esti cel care vei ramane pe din afara. Si viitorul apropiat, daca nu te indrepti, iti va arata asta!

  19. Administrator Says:

    Congresul a votat ca discutiile sa continua pana cand ROEA primeste raspunsurile de la ROAA-BOR la intrebarile Due Diligence (maximum 90 de zile dupa trimiterea lor). In functie de raspunsurile date ROEA de catre ROAA-BOR, se va vedea ce urmareste. Atat s-a votat, si nimic altceva. Ma Thomas, imi pare rau dar n-ai fost singurul la acest Congres, si noi stim ce s-a hotarat. Ma intreb, de regula, cand asist tu la o sedinta, asculti cu gura sau cu urechiile?

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