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Author: Vlad Cubreacov
August 18, 2010
The Russian Synod and the Abbess from Coada Iazului

On October 10 [2009] at St. Petersburg, the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church [BORusia] took place. Metropolitan Vladimir of Chisinau and”All Moldova” [Hierarch under Moscow obedience] was present, as he always is…

Excerpts from an article found on
(an unofficial translation)

Different issues were discussed [at the Synod]… some referred to the Moldovan Republic. In this context, Archimandrite Nicodim (Ion Vulpe) from Orhei was included on the editorial board of  BORusia.  Dean, Fr. Anatolie Zmeu was delegated by the Russian bishops to serve in Italy „ to start parish communities for Moldovans there” … The Russian Synod then decided to „relieve Abbess Xenia (Rusanovskaia) from her position at Tabăra monastery and name as new Abbess there Minodora (Borş) from Coada Iazului monastery”.

No particular attention would have been accorded the above facts had it not been for… [the Chisinau Metropolitanate] a few days ago flattering itself, on its own website,  with its „independence” and its incensed 1993 „Tomos”, that piece of paper, void of any reality, but always passed under our Christian noses here [in the Moldovan Republic as proof of the]… „Independence” possessed by the local church structure of BORusia, reinstated here after the arrival of the Soviet tanks; which is really nothing but a pseudo-independence which is neither autocephalous nor autonomous.  It is but a fiction invented by the Russian Synod… For those who do not know the real situation, and after hearing repeatedly about this „independence”, they might even believe that, from a Church perspective, Moldovan Chisinau might even be equal to that of Russian Moscow; which is surely false, given that the Moscow Patriarchate’s structure in the Moldovan Republic is as „independent” as any any Metropolitanate from within the Russian Federation. And for those situations where a “Tomos of independence” has been granted, the Russians have a telling expression: filkina gramota! [that is an invalid, obscure document].

Metropolitan Vladimir… holding the much-praised „Tomos” in his hand, doesn’t have the most basic right of naming or letting go a monastery abbess without the accord of the Russian Mother Patriarchate!  Can you imagine what value and real substance exists in the „independence” „Tomos”

when the Moscow Synod must be convened for handling the problem of the abbess at Coada Iazului? …

… And when you know these things my brothers, don’t you want to ask: which „Tomos”, what„independence”?  This topic merits returning to; but at another time.

9 Comments to “BORusia & Moldovan Rep.”

  1. Administrator Says:

    Some of us in the Vatra, the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America (ROEA), a diocese of the Orthodox Church of America (OCA), had our doubts when told that if we abandoned the OCA and joined the Romanian Patriarchate’s 1950’s political creation here, now called the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese of America (ROAA), in a new Romanian North American Metropolitanate with (really) under Bucharest, we would receive “Maximal Autonomy described in a “Tomos” (decree) outlining our “independence” from the Romanian Patriarchate.

    It was “news” to us, but the above article, recently found, clearly shows that the Moscow Patriarchate has used this tactic to trick people before, in 1993 Moldova. We in the ROEA-OCA were told that the Romanian Patriarch developed this unique solution for our special North American – Romanian situation in 2008. We now find out that Moscow pulled the wool over the Moldovan’s eyes almost 10 years ago with the same independent-sounding words, that were nothing more than false promises – lies in fact.

    Given that many of these Eastern European prelates have had the same professors indoctrinated in Communism, be they Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian or Serbian, what permits us to think that Bucharest’s promise of “independence” for us will be any different than Moscow’s promises of “independence” for Moldovans? NOTHING!

  2. Administrator Says:

    Unii dintre noi de la Vatra, Episcopia Ortodoxa Romana din America (ROEA), o dioceza a Bisericii Ortodoxe Americane (OCA), ieram indoielnici cand n-i s-a spus ca daca abandonam OCA si ne unim cu creatia politica din annii 1950 ai Patriarhiei Romane, astazi chemata Arhiepiscopia Ortodoxa Romana din America (ROAA), intr-o noua Mitropolie Romana Nord-Americana cu (de fapt) sub Bucuresti, am primi “Autonomie Maximala” descris intr-un “Tomos” (decret) care explica “independenta” noastra fata de Patriarhia Romana.

    Era o “noutate” pentru noi, dar articolul de mai sus, descoperit nu de mult, arata clar ca Patriarhia Moscovei a mai incercat sa inseala lumea cu aceasta tactica, in Moldova de 1993. N-i s-a spus noua din ROEA-OCA ca Patriarhul Romaniei a desvoltat aceasta solutie unica pentru situatia noastra speciala Nord American – Romana in 2008. Acum descoperim ca Moscova a inchis ochii Moldovenilor acum aproape 10 ani cu aceleasi cuvinte care suna a independenta, dar care nu au fost decat promisiuni false – adica minciuni de fapt.

    Dat fiind ca multi din acesti prelati din Europa de Est au avut aceias profesori cu indoctrinare comunista, fie ei Rusi, Romani, Bulgar sau Sarbi, ce ne permite sa credem ca promisiunea Bucurestiului de “independenta” pentru noi va fi deosebita de promisiunile Moscovei de “independenta” pentru Moldoveni? NIMIC.

  3. Constantin Ardeleanu Says:

    One must only look to see what just happened in Damascus with respect to the Antiochian Church here in America. ROEA will likely face the same if they are ever fall for the BOR unity.

    May the Holy Spirit move us toward a unified North American Church and the first step to that being ROEA be truly, fully OCA, all the way!

  4. Toma Says:

    Deci acei “unii dintre voi” de car zici domnule adminitrator, sa ramane-ti sub OCA. “Majoritatea dintre noi” ne unim sub biserica noastra mama, Patriarhia noastra Romana. Voi, ramane-ti sub Patriahia rusa. Nu va opreste nimeni… Ma mir cat de destept si inteligent esti tu. Trebuia sa fi tu patriarch. Nu am diploma de la Constanta draga. Si chiar daca as avea, ar fi una in plus din ceea ce nu ai tu. Tu esti cel fara diploma in teologie domnule. Nu uita!

  5. Administrator Says:

    Toma, noi v-am primit frumos in casele noastre, si acum vrei sa ne dai pe noi afara? Fi serios! Daca vrei o Biserica pentru tine, atunci sa o faci tu! Daca nu iti convine la noi atunci PLEACA, SI CAT MAI REPEDE! AI INTELES? Sa vede ca nu ai nici diploma si nici obraz. Esti plin numai de insulte. Se poate?

  6. Thomas Says:

    … Dumnezeu ii place unitatea nu dezbinarea! Romanii in America sunt dezbina-ti intre doua episcopii. Biserica noastra mama din care ne-am infiintat aici in America este BOR, nu OCA! Daca voia lui Dumnezeu este sa ne unim sub BOR (de aia ne numim Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America and Canada) - nu OCA - chiar crezi ca poti sta in cale? Nicodata!

    Un adevarat roman care il doare cu adevarat aceasta dezbinare a romaniilor intre doua episcopii zice: sa ne unim! Si se lupta pentru optiuni. Un alt roman fals, care nu il doare zice: “daca vre-ti veniti voi “ROAA” la noi sub OCA.” Dac nu - too bad.” Acesta esti tu domnule. Asa ca esti liber sa mergi la rusi sau la alta episcopie, care nu poarta denumirea, “the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America and Canada.” Nu te da nimeni afara. Te dai singur!

  7. Administrator Says:

    Thomas/Toma vorbeste cu Dumnezeu si a aflat ca unirea sub BOR este planul divin?? FI SERIOS!

    ROAA a fost creata de comunisti in anii 1950 ca sa puna mana pe Vatra ROEA. Comunismul a cazut in 1990, dar se pare ca n-au cazut comunistii… alta camasa … De ce nu cade ROAA? Unde este interesul? De ce nu se curata BOR de prafurile colaborationiste? Nu uitati ca boala de putere e sora cu mandria. Numai Dumnezeu nu e present!

  8. Thomas Says:

    Mai omule. Suntem ROMANI. TU esti american. OK Stai cu OCA.

    Romanii vor cu BOR, sa fie una. CE NU INTELEGI…!

  9. Administrator Says:

    Thomas, Romanii din America care vor cu BOR déjà sunt cu BOR in ROAA. De ce nu te duci si tu? Sa ne lasi pe noi care vrem sa fim in Vatra noastra ROEA-OCA in pace. Nu vrem nimic de la voi decat sa ne lasati in pace. In schimb, dupa ce v-am primit cu bratele deschise voi vreti sa ne dati afara din casele noastre! Numai nerusinatii pot gandi asa!

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