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Author: Fr. Daniel Adrian Ene
August 11, 2010
The 77th Congress of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in the Americas

The 77th Congress of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in the Americas was held between July 1 - 4, 2010 at the Archdiocesan Center in Chicago…

Excerpts from the article found at:

… His Eminence [Nicolae] opened the session with some spiritual reflections of H.G. Policarp Moruşca, being highlighted how these thoughts still remain valid nowadays. The Congress has also celebrated 75 years since the enthronement of H.G. Bishop Policarp as the first hierarch of the Romanians in America on July 4, 1935…

…The Congress started on Friday morning with the Divine Liturgy service in the Cathedral of Saints Constantine and Helen… Afterwards “Memory Eternal” was sung for the ever memorable, Bishop Policarp, Bishop Andrei and Archbishop Victorin …

… Both H.E. Nicolae and H.G. Ioan Casian shared their thoughts on the Episcopal Assembly of the Canonical Orthodox Hierarchs of North and Central America, held in New York on May 25 - 28 2010…

… Fr. Nicholas Apostola presented the situation regarding the dialogue with the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate from Vatra. Since the last Congress in 2008, the Dialog Commission has completed the proposal for creation of the Romanian Orthodox Metropolitanate, as was requested by ROEA Congress. ROEA questions on the due diligence process were also answered. Concerning this aspect a meeting was held at Vatra on December 2009. A very constructive meeting of the two Archdiocesan Councils was held in Cleveland, in March, 2009. Unfortunately, later on, little progress towards the unity was achieved, stated Fr. Apostola. Our Archdiocese believes that only through frequent meetings with a wide participation, faithful and priests from both dioceses will be able to make significant steps towards unity…

7 Comments to “ROAA Congress”

  1. Administrator Says:

    How can this “Archdiocese” continue to falsify history? Our Vatra Episcopate (ROEA) was established in the late 1920’s and solidified in 1935 with the appointment of our first Hierarch, Bishop Polycarp Morusca. Bucharest’s attempt to lay claim to the Vatra property and Morusca’s Episcopate in the early 1950’s, landed up in court. As part of their positioning strategy, Fr. Andrei Moldovan was consecrated a Bishop in Communist Romania in 1950 and he soon returned claiming to be head of the Vatra. Communist Romania was desperate to maintain a political stranglehold on our Episcopate, the principle organization of Romanian - American/ Canadians since the early Cold War years. When Bishop Andrei Moldovan and Bucharest lost their US court battles in the early 1950’s, they had nothing left to do other than start up a competing Diocese under the Romanian Patriarchate, that political creation of the cold war now called the ROAA. It was and is destined to remain a minority church here. After Bishop Andrei came Archbishop Victorin Ursache and then the present day Archbishop Nicolae Condrea as head of the communist creation called the ROAA. After 1990, we all had hopes that the truth would finally emerge and that the ROAA would join the Vatra ROEA under the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). That has not yet happened. However, the lie continues and the ROAA is holding its 77th Congress [do the math 1950 – 2010 = 77 Communist years].

    Afterwards “Memory Eternal” was sung for Bishop Policarp, AND Bishop Andrei and Archbishop Victorin, as if the last two had anything in common with the first Hierarch.

    Archbishop Nicolae and Bishop Ioan Casian spoke of the Episcopal Assembly of the Canonical Orthodox Hierarchs of North and Central America, held in New York on May 25 - 28 2010. They did not say that these discussions amongst almost all Hierarchs in North America are focussed on the creation of unified and Autocephalous Orthodox Churches in the United States and Canada and have nothing in common with having the ROEA join under BOR in phyletistic or ethnic union that is non-canonical. The latter may have worked in 1990 but now every effort is on creating local autocephalous churches here in the United States and Canada, regrouping over time multi-ethnic jurisdictions (Greeks, Russians, Romanians, etc.) into local jurisdictional churches.

    Fr. Apostola’s report regarding discussions with the ROEA is deceiving. How can he claim that the Joint Dialogue Commission has „completed the proposal for creation of the Romanian Orthodox Metropolitanate, as was requested by ROEA Congress”. The 2009 ROEA Congress allowed for discussions to continue inasmuch as Due Diligence was being done. What we now have is a proposal that is sometimes different and certainly less demanding of BOR- ROAA than the one presented originally to the ROEA Congress, and it now includes explanatory notes that are often confusing. Due Diligence is at a standstill in that, contrary to what Fr. Apostola declares, responses to basic and elementary questions have not been answered to the satisfaction of the ROEA’s Due Diligence committees. More complicated questions have been prepared but probably will not to be sent until adequate responses to the first questions are completed. The meeting in Cleveland of the two Diocesan Councils in March 2009, referred to as “constructive” by Fr. Apostola was, according to some ROEA members present, frigid at best and insulting at worse, highlighting their lack of trust, all of which contributes to making progress very difficult. ROEA politeness should not be mistaken for acquiescence or lack of resolve. Fr. Apostola and the ROAA will have to present convincing answers to ROEA Due Diligence questions and then the topic of unity under the OCA will resurface, since abandoning the Orthodox Church in America - OCA is like leaving the present and the future, in order to return to the past under BOR, while we live here, have children here, in the United States and Canada, our home. What sense does that make for our children and grandchildren if we want them to retain our Orthodoxy? NONE.

  2. Toma Says:

    Can I ask, where do you get all your information? Are you part of the dialoque commission? Were you at the March 2009 meeting? You are feeding people false information. Everyone is wrong….the ROAA, BOR, even our dioloque commission. You are the only person that is right. Unless you can provide proof for everything you post here….for every comment…..stop posting lies! Sir, you should be careful what you say. Because this the church. You are not a priest. You are not a monk. You are a simple laymen who likes to stick your nose everywhere and make yourself seem important. You are not an athority of the church, and are causing problems by feeding people false information.

  3. Administrator Says:

    Toma, if something is on this website, rest assured that it has been verified. The well-trained BOR and ROAA communication experts do enough lying on their own … they don’t need any help from political neophytes such as ourselves at Being a priest or a monk is not the issue here. Getting to the bottom of things is our goal, and as such, we attempt to unearth the true motivations behind ROAA-BOR pressures to have us in the Vatra-ROEA abandon the OCA, only to go under foreign BOR. We attempt to find out why, supposedly faithful ROEA members, would contravene their oath of upholding the ROEA Constitution where it is made clear that we (clergy and faithful) are all OCA members. There are plenty of people on the other side spreading falsehoods, not to mention those BOR implants within the ROEA who do likewise… WE DO NOT HAVE THEIR TRAINING AND NOR DO WE APPROVE OF THEIR TACTICS. WE ARE CERTAINLY NOT LIKE THEM!

  4. Toma Says:

    You do not have theological training. Thats true! When you get that theological training, then we can sit at the round table and have a discussion. Until then, keep you lies and opinions to yourself, and join the protestant church, where there are many like you, without a theological education.

  5. Administrator Says:

    Toma, you are so predictable. The moment you have no argument, you begin to insult and denigrate those you disagree with. Instead, why not try to develop a logic that is possibly defensible, or at least understandable? How can you contribute to a solution with your insulting approach?

  6. Thomas Says:

    An insult is often the truth. And the truth is better than an argument!

  7. Administrator Says:

    INSULTS ARE INSULTS! They are the disgusting and hurtful machinations of those incapable of reasoned logic. Keep your insults to yourself!

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