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Syria Invites BOR Patriarch

Author: BOR Press Office (Biroul de Presa BOR)
April 28, 2010
The Syrian Ambassador Extended The Patriarch Of Romania An Invitation To Visit Syriafrom:

On 28 April 2010, His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church received, at the Patriarchal Residence, the visit of His Excellency Mr. Walid Othman, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic in Romania.During the meeting, the Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic in Romania thanked for reception and made a short presentation of the religious cultural life in Syria, underlining the good relations of companionship and co-operation between Christians and Muslims.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel appreciated the spirit of religious tolerance in Syria and mentioned the pastoral activity of Rev. Gheorghe Costea, the priest of the Romanian Orthodox community in Syria (set up in 2009) who paid a pastoral visit to the Romanian Orthodox faithful in the capital city of Lebanon, Beirut, at the feast of the Holy Easter, where he celebrated the Divine Liturgy. Further on, the Patriarch of Romania appreciated that the presence of Romanian Orthodox parish in Damascus contributes to a better mutual knowledge. In this context, His Beatitude informed Mr. Ambassador about the intention of the Pilgrimage Centre of “Saint Paul the Apostle” of the Romanian Patriarchate to extend, in the near future, to Syria and Lebanon, the pilgrimages organized in the Middle East in order to increase the cultural religious relations between the two peoples and countries.

On this occasion, the Syrian Ambassador in Bucharest handed over to His Beatitude Patriarch “an invitation letter on behalf of the Ministry for Religious Affairs to make a pilgrimage to Syria, in the footsteps of Saint Paul the Apostle”, to churches, monasteries and some other Christian vestiges in this country of the Middle East.

His Beatitude thanked for invitation and said it may be paid this year, when his agenda and responsibilities allow the organization of such a visit to the Middle East, according to the Orthodox protocol rules.

To end with the encounter, His Excellency Mr. Walid Othman offered His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel a hierarch’s vestment - as a present - sewed by hand, for eight months time, in an Orthodox Monastery of the Patriarchate of Antioch and of the entire East. The Patriarch of Romania, in his turn, offered the Syrian Ambassador in Bucharest symbolic presents representing the Romanian Patriarchate.

4 Comments to “Syria Invites BOR Patriarch”

  1. Administrator Says:

    Isn’t this wonderful. The BOR Patriarch officially receives the Syrian Ambassador at the Patriarchal residence in Bucharest and gets an invitation to vizit Syria. Yes, that Syria which the American Government claims harbours TERRORISTS. Are we in the ROEA understanding what we are doing by even considering abandoning the OCA and going under BOR? What other political positions, that are counter to those of our countries here, would the Romanian Patriarch reserve for us? Do we really want to become peons of a foreign state?

  2. Administrator Says:

    Ce frumos ! Patriarhul BOR-ului primeste vizita Ambasadorului Siriei la resedinta Patriarhala din Bucuresti si in schimb este invitat sa viziteze Siria. Da, acea Sirie care, dupa Guvernul American, ascunde TERORISTI. Oare noi din ROEA intelegem ce facem chiar considerand sa parasim OCA-ul ca sa mergem sub BOR? Ce alte pozitii politice, care sunt impotriva politicii tarilor noastre de aici, ne-ar mai rezerva Patriarhul Romaniei? Chiar vrem noi sa devenim pionii unei tari straine?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Administrator, I believe Canada does not label Syria as a “terrorost state”. Does that mean that all Canadians should disavow Canada and leave it? Let’s be fair.

  4. Administrator Says:

    Canada doesn’t have the same official stand vis a vis Syria as does the US. In fact, this is true in many instances where longstanding US-Canadian internal cooperation leads to good-cop and bad-cop relations with many such States on the world scene. As the US presently considers Syria to be a terrorist state, Canada maintains a dialogue with Syria, which is presently limited to human rights issues and the need for political reform in Syria. In this way communication remains possible and change can happen.

    If you want to be fair you would realize that the point being made above is that a foreign country such as Romania will have political directions that may differ substantially from those of the US and/or Canada; and then what do we do? Where does our allegiance lie? The real question is: “Why get involved in such potential political dilemmas and probable conflicts of interest when all can be avoided by remaining loyal to the OCA?”

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