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Author: Traian Lascu
June 26, 2009

When we talk about the Romanian-American community, we have in mind two distinct groups: the lay organizations and the religious organization. The lay organizations are disjointed and fractioned. Ever since the demise of the Union and League a few years back, there is no more national organization to speak on their behalf. Yes, there are organized groups in New York, Atlanta, Detroit, California and Montreal, and possibly in other places, but no national organization to represent them.

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Reasons for concern

Author: Alex. Nemoianu
June 19, 2009
Recently, a letter signed by Fr. Adrian Balescu and the President of the Parish Council of the Holy Trinity Church in Miramar, Florida was circulated on the internet and published in the Detroit newspaper Curentul International.

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Author: Carmen D. Valentino
June 15, 2009
ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: “The author is from a family which has Romanian roots in the USA from the turn of the previous century.  He is a descendant of the founding fathers of the community now known as the ROEA Philadelphia parish. The ROEA remains his religious home.”

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Consider the Following

Author: Hope - Speranta
June 6, 2009
I ask you to consider the following four questions: 1) who are we, 2) what are we being asked to reject, 3) what are we being asked to accept and 4) why are we being called to consider leaving the ROEA, OCA behind and form the Romanian Orthodox Metropolitanate of Americas (ROMA) under the Church of Romania (BOR)?

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More Unity Concerns

Author: Mark Stokoe
June 2, 2009
Romanian Unity Proposal Continues to Raise Concerns, Questions

(Excerpts of the article found on

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