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“Leave [our church] alone”

Author: Metropolitan Jonah
April 5, 2009
“THERE IS AN AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH. LEAVE IT ALONE”; says the OCA’s Metropolitan Jonah at Pan-Orthodox Vespers held in St. Seraphim Cathedral, Dallas, Texas.

(OCA’s Diocese of the South transcription of online Sermon video, edited by &

It is a great joy to see everybody here this evening from so many different communities, from different traditions. Orthodoxy is a celebration of diversity in unity, and unity in diversity. Our unity is in our one Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our one Orthodox faith and our one commitment to living the truth, to living as Christians:

-not to live according the Spirit of the World,
-not to live according to our passions,
-not to live according to the desires that flit by through our minds and lead us into all sorts of trouble,
-but to live the Truth, to live as Orthodox.

Our diversity is something we celebrate, not a diversity of lifestyles, but a diversity that reflects the whole spectrum of our community, people of all races, people of all colors, people from a multitude of different ethnic backgrounds.
And yet, there is another thing that unites us here as well: we are all Americans. We are a single community. We are a single community of Orthodox Christians and we are the local church in Dallas, the local church in Northeast Texas. It doesn’t matter that we have all these various administrative jurisdictions, because, ultimately, we gather together as one body, to pray with one mind and one heart, to celebrate the same Eucharist, to come to the same chalice. It doesn’t matter if we are Eastern Rite or Western Rite, it doesn’t matter what the language in the service is, but it’s all -we are one Church, we are one Local Church, and I might add, we are one indigenous Church.
Right now, in world Orthodoxy, there is a solution to our disunity being proposed. But I would propose there are two solutions. There’s one solution being proposed in which we all submit to Constantinople: we all submit to a foreign Patriarchate where all decisions will be made there, where we will have no say in the decisions that are made. We will have no say in our own destiny. We surrender the freedom that we have embraced as American Orthodox Christians to a Patriarchate still under Islamic domination.
I think we have a better solution. And this is something of the utmost importance, and it is something imminent. It is not something where we can wait and say: ‘Oh maybe in my grandchildren’s time there will be Orthodox unity.’ I’m talking about June! And, if you think I’m kidding, there is a conference being convened in the Phanar in June to discuss exactly this- actually, it’s in Cyprus- to subject the Diaspora to the single, singular control, the so-called Diaspora, to the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and thereby come into unity.
Well, that’s one model for unity. I would submit if we wanted a Pope we’d be under the real one. And I don’t think any of us want a Pope, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

But who are we, really? I think part of this comes from a total and complete ignorance and misperception on the part of the Holy Fathers who are the leaders of the churches in the Old World. They don’t understand that there are Americans who are Orthodox. There are Americans who have been born and bred in this land who have embraced the Orthodox faith. There are Americans who have come over here - fleeing communism, fleeing Islamic domination, fleeing oppression - who have come to this land to embrace a new life, a life of self-determination as well as a life that is governed by the Orthodox Faith. I don’t think they understand that our church here has this rich diversity but we all share a common identity. It doesn’t matter what language the services are in, we appreciate them all. We appreciate Arabic and Romanian and Slavonic; we appreciate Georgian and Albanian and who knows what else. But we also have to appreciate English and Spanish and French, just as we have to appreciate Tlingit and Aleut, and U’pik and Athabascan - who are the true indigenous Orthodox Christians of our land.

I don’t think the Holy Fathers in the Phanar understand that we are a Church, albeit with separate administrations, but one that has a common value of determining our own destiny. A church that is dedicated to the Conciliar process, which does not ignore the voice of the laity, which does not ignore the voice of the priests, a church which is united in its common commitment. We are Orthodox not simply by birth, we are Orthodox not simply by our ethnic heritage. We are Orthodox because we have chosen to be Orthodox. We are Orthodox because we have committed our entire life to Jesus Christ and the Gospel. And, it is that commitment to Jesus Christ and the Gospel, and our commitment to bring our brothers and sisters in our land to that same commitment of Jesus Christ and the Gospel:
-not to some kind of alien ideology,
-not to some nationalist or imperialist ideology from some forgotten empire,
-not the imposition of foreign customs
or the submission to foreign despots,
-but to a united Church in this country.

A Church in which we value diversity and value unity equally. A Church in which we:
-appreciate one another and
-listen to the voice of one another;
-so that no person is devalued;
-so the Traditions that our Fathers in the Faith have brought to this country are valued;
-so the efforts and the labor and the sweat and the blood and the tears of all those who have gone before us to establish the Orthodox Faith in America for over 200 years now, 215 years to be precise, so to acknowledge their sacrifice.

And, it is upon their sacrifice, upon their martyrdoms, upon their sanctity, upon their sacrifice that our Church here is built.
There are those there that say that there was no canonical Orthodox Church in the North America until 1924- until the establishment of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Greek Archdiocese. Excuse me. The Russian Orthodox Church established missionary work here in 1794. It established English-speaking churches where priests were trained to speak, to serve the Liturgy, to teach the Gospel, and to bring faithful people into the Orthodox Church, from 1857 in San Francisco. They say our unity in America was a “myth” at the time of St Tikhon. Well yes, there were a few dozen churches that were not part of it, but what about the 800 that were? What about those 800 churches? Churches that may have had Russian clergy, or had clergy who were trained by the Russians, but were composed of Greeks and Serbs, of Arabs, of Romanians, of Bulgarians, and of converts, who have stood for the integrity of the Orthodox Faith and the integrity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the integrity of the witness, the missionary outreach which is essential to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not to make people “Greeks”, not to make people “Russians”, not to make people “Arabs”, but to simply bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this land, in its wholeness and its completeness, as it was preached by the holy Apostles, in the fullness of its integrity. There are those there, in the Old World, who devalue this, who say that they are the only criteria of Orthodoxy -who are ignorant of our Saints, who refuse to recognize the sacrifice of so many of those who have come before us, in Christ, to establish the Gospel here.
I think we have a different solution.

It is imperative for us to come together. Not for all the other churches, the Antiochians and the Serbians and the Bulgarians and the Romanians and everyone, to join the OCA, but to come together in a new organization of Orthodoxy in North American that brings us all together as one Church, even just pulling together all our existing organizations so that all the bishops sit on one Synod, so that all the Metropolitans get together on a special Synod or something like that.
We can continue our relationship with the Mother Churches; a relationship of love and support, firm in our own identity as Orthodox Christians and making our witness to protect them from whatever evils confront them -whether it be an aggressive Islam, or whether it be Communists who now call themselves Democrats -I’m not talking about Washington by the way -not at all!-
It’s very interesting. Seven months ago I was still an Abbot in a monastery in northern California. Just a few months ago I was made Metropolitan and I had no idea, really, what the scope of Orthodoxy is in America. And, now I’m beginning to get an idea. Not only did I find myself the Metropolitan of the OCA, but Locum Tenens of the Bulgarian Archdiocese. Well, these are people who have fled oppression, just as in so many Eastern European countries. It’s the same people who were there under the Communists; they just changed their titles.
It’s the same thing with the Churches in the Middle East. How many thousands of faithful Iraqi Orthodox Christians are living as refugees in camps in Jordan and Syria, ignored by the world? We need a united, powerful witness. A witness that will not only bear witness to the unity of the Gospel (but to) our common commitment to one Faith in Jesus Christ the One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, that constitutes the Orthodox Church. We need to bear witness as a united Body, only to those issues that affect the Phanar, not only to the tragic situation in Cyprus, but to those issue that affect all Orthodox Christian throughout the world. There is no witness in Congress. There has been no Orthodox voice, save one lone Serbian bishop, during the American aggression in Kosovo. There were so many hundreds and thousands of Orthodox Christians that suffered and died at our hands, the hands of our government, and our voice was muted.

We have to come together as one united Orthodox Church in North America in order to truly show people that the Orthodox Church is the One Holy Catholic Church, in order to show that truly we are the Church constituted by the Apostles of Jesus Christ. There is only one way to show that:
- not by self-righteous proclamations of our Orthodoxy,
-not by self-righteous condemnation of non-Orthodox Christians,
-it’s by coming together and showing people how we love one another, how we forgive one another, how we bear common witness to the Gospel.

Though we have multiple Churches and diverse Traditions, we affirm that there is One Truth, who is the person of Jesus Christ. The Orthodox way of life is the way of the healing of the soul and the way of salvation. It is imperative, Brothers and Sisters, imperative on us that we come together and with one voice, as the Orthodox Church of North America, to say to the Holy Fathers of the Old World; the Orthodox Church exists in North America.

We are grateful for the support you have given us. We love and support your work. We rejoice in your victories and we are sad with your tragedies. But, you have to give us the freedom to take care of our own Church in our own country, in our own culture, and not to be controlled by people who have never heard a word of English much less allow a word of English to be spoken in the Liturgy. We can’t allow our Church to be controlled with people who have no appreciation of our culture and have to bow to the Turkish Islamic authorities.

This, my friends, is something truly critical affecting our life and our witness. We hear of all of these scandals, all the stuff that went on in the OCA and all the stuff going on in the Antiochian Archdiocese, and all the petty little stuff that goes on in our parishes. All of that is pettiness.We have to come together.

The Lord Jesus Christ is calling us together to be One Church in America, composed of all Americans, no matter where they came from, no matter how long their ancestors, or they themselves, have been in this land. The canonical organization of the Church, according to the Holy Apostles and all of the ancient Fathers, is not about some kind of international organization where we look 8000 miles away for some source of canonicity. It is the local Church, the presbyters and the deacons, and the faithful people gathered around their bishop. This is the fullness of the catholic Church. This is the fullness of the Orthodox Church as it was given to us from the Holy Fathers, as it was given to us by the Apostles. And, it is this that we must affirm.

That Church exists now, here, in our midst. It was planted by our Fathers in the Faith generations ago, on this continent. It has grown and bears fruit. And, it subsists out of our common sacrificial commitment to Jesus Christ.

Let us give thanks to God for our unity, let us give thanks to God for our diversity. Let us affirm to our bishops that they will tell the bishops of the Old World: There is an American Orthodox Church. Leave it alone.”

God Bless you.

25 Comments to ““Leave [our church] alone””

  1. Administrator Says:

    Pe scurt, Mitropolitul Jonah al OCA-ului a spus Patriarhiile Ortodoxe din toata lumea ca aici exista o adevarata Biserica Ortodoxa Americana, si nimeni sa nu indrazneasca sa puna mana pe ea! Dupa cum puteti vedea in comentariile de mai jos, multi Preoti si laici sunt de aceias parere ca Mitropolitul Jonah. Iata cuvintele lor.

  2. Administrator Says:

    In short, the OCA’s Metropolitan Jonah tells Orthodox Patriarchates all over the world that here, there exists a true American Orthodox Church, and that no one should dare try to claim it. As you can see in the comments below, many Priests and laity share Metropolitan Jonah’s opinion. Here are their words.

  3. Chris Banescu Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ section regarding ‘Metropolitan Jonah…’

    AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! Metropolitan Jonah is right. May God bless him for having the courage and conviction to speak the truth and bear witness to the true Orthodox spirit and Traditions of our faith. We are indeed part of the Orthodox Church in AMERICA. I am an Orthodox Christian who was born in Romania and was rescued by this blessed land. But I am now an American Orthodox Christian! My family is an American Orthodox Christian family!
    My ethnic heritage is a blessing, but my Orthodox Christian heritage is 100 times more important and relevant. The fact that the EP [Ecumenical Patriarchate] and the GOA [Greek Orthodox Church- America] still does not get this, speaks volumes of their lack of understanding of the real Orthodox ethos and the Christian Hellenism that permeates Orthodoxy (not ethnic Greekness).

  4. George Patsourakos Says:

    as posted on ‘St. Andrew House Forum regarding: Metropolitan Jonah…’

    I am delighted that an American Orthodox Metropolitan has had the courage to present a sermon on the essential need to establish a united American Orthodox Church. Metropolitan Jonah is also correct in saying, “If we wanted a Pope, we’d be under the real one.” Because of Metropolitan Jonah’s spiritual courage, perseverance, and leadership, a united American Orthodox Church may become a reality in the very near future. May Christ guide Metropolitan Jonah and other Orthodox Hierarchs in the establishment of a united American Orthodox Christian Church.

  5. Dean Calvert Says:

    as posted on ‘St. Andrew House Forum regarding: Metropolitan Jonah…’

    Dear George,

    Like he said, “I’m talking about June.” Personally, I feel there is nothing that will scare the Old World patriarchates (and their American minions) more than a sincere, humble, spiritual bishop speaking the truth. They are not used to that, and don’t know how to deal with it. AXIOS!!! I’m proud to have this caliber of man as my new metropolitan.

    I think the next thing Met. Jonah needs to do is to lose the Phanar’s telephone number. As those of us on the St. Andrew House board often say, “If you want to BE the Orthodox Church in America, start ACTING like the Orthodox Church in America.” Forget the “politics” of recognition and all the rest…just be true to the teachings of Christ and the rest will follow. I have confidence this is precisely what the metropolitan intends to do. What a wonderfully refreshing change.
    Best regards,

  6. JJ Williams07 Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ section regarding ‘Metropolitan Jonah…’

    + Jonah is absolutely correct! In Orthodox Canon Law, no where does it say that foreign bishops control local churches - in fact, this concept is condemned. Local churches are under the authority of local bishops. The Orthodox do not have an “Eastern Pope.” We do not believe in one, sole, supreme bishop to rule over all the Orthodox worldwide. The Orthodox in North America already have an indigenous, autocephalous Orthodox Church and under Orthodox canon law, ALL Orthodox Churches are to come under it’s authority. The non-canonical status of the Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Antiochian Orthodox etc. needs to be rectified. It really is time for ALL the Orthodox in North America to unite and rule themselves. The canons are clear; now it’s time to follow them!

  7. William Harrington Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ section regarding ‘Metropolitan Jonah…’

    For those worried about the process of forming an American Patriarchate that is now underway, don’t bother worrying. This is historically how things are done. A local church declares its autocephaly despite what the mother church thinks and eventually the mother church recognizes it. This is how it happened in Bulgaria and Russia to name a few. It is how the OCA got its autocephaly from Russia and it is how an American Patriarchate will form, most likely against the wishes of many old world hierarchs. Funny how that works, just like a lot of parent/child relationships. Don’t worry, this is absolutely normal.

  8. Dean Calvert Says:

    as posted on ‘St. Andrew House Forum regarding: Metropolitan Jonah…’

    [To the statement made by Metr. Jonah; “If we wanted a Pope we’d be under the real one”] my answer is:

    Incredibly bold and courageous, speaking the truth and not afraid of the consequences.

    Just the type of bishop that we need, and who will instill the fear of God in those opposing unity for parochial reasons.

    Those same Old World patriarchs would do well to remember the warning from Gamaliel:
    “Men of Israel, consider carefully what you intend to do to these men….in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone!…For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”

    Just a thought… up to them.
    Best Regards,

  9. Matei Says:

    Ce cauta Biserici Mame in teritoriul Nord American cand avem aici o Biserica Autocefala care ne acopera canonic si pe noi? Sfintii Parinti din Tarile Vechi, adica Patriarhii Ortodocsi, trebuie sa inteleaga ca noi de aici nu suntem “Diaspora” nimanui, ci o Biserica locala, folosind mai multe limbi in slujbele noastre, unde despotismul Patriarhal nu este binevenit. Asa ne invata Mitropolitul nostru Jonah al OCA-ului.

    Abuzurile comunismului sau chiar pretentiile altor sisteme totalitare unde nu se respecta drepturile omului au creat o ortodoxie actuala in acele tari care nu seamana cu Ortodoxia adevarata a parintilor nostri. Abuzurile politice au lasat un vid in Bisericile lor, vid care se umple cu despotism, cu autocratie, cu neo-colonialism, cu o structura mai asemenatoare cu cea romano- catolica decat cu cea ortodoxa adevarata. Pacat pentru bietii credinciosi care au frica sa se ridice si sa opreasca abuzurile in Bisericile lor locale.

    In schimb, aici avem o Biserica “care este dedicata procesului de conciliere, care nu ignora vocea laicilor, care nu ignora vocea preotilor…” Aici avem un “angajament catre Iisus Hristos si Evanghelie” si “nu la o ideologie straina”, “nu la o ideologie nationalista sau imperialista”, “nu la impunerea obiceiurilor straine sau supunerea sub un despot strain, dar la o Biserica unita”, aici. Iata ce ne spune Mitropolitul Jonah.

    Deci, sub cine vrem noi de aici sa fim supusi: Mitropolitului Jonah al Americii de Nord, sau Patriarhului Daniel al Romaniei? Intrebarea este de fapt un raspuns. Daca am ales America de Nord ca noua noastra tara, atunci am ales Biserica Ortodoxa Nord- Americana. Altceva este un nonsens.

  10. Fr. Michael Molloy Says:

    as posted on, ‘Share your comments’ section regarding ‘Jonah’s Speech on Unity…’

    Glory to God for such a prophet in our Land!

  11. Priest Christopher Wojcik Says:

    as posted on, ‘Share your comments’ section regarding ‘Jonah’s Speech on Unity…’

    Axios! What a clear, mature, and most of all Christian expression of the Church in America. Many Years to Met. Jonah, a real shepherd.

  12. Fr. Andrew Jaye Says:

    as posted on, ‘Share your comments’ section regarding ‘Jonah’s Speech on Unity…’

    I add my Amen to Fr Chris Wojcik’s comments above!

  13. Fr. Peter Bodnar Says:

    as posted on, ‘Share your comments’ section regarding ‘Jonah’s Speech on Unity…’

    Bravo, Metropolitan Jonah, bravo! It is time and past time for Orthodox unity in the American countries. Lead on!

  14. Fr. Patrick Says:

    as posted on, ‘Share your comments’ section regarding ‘Jonah’s Speech on Unity…’

    Many years to Metropolitan Jonah for having the courage to speak plainly and tell the ethnocrats it is high time to leave us alone. Now all we have to do is get the same message delivered here in Australia!

  15. Patty Schellbach Says:

    as posted on, ‘Share your comments’ section regarding ‘Jonah’s Speech on Unity…’

    Would that all the Orthodox bishops in America come together and allow an Orthodox Church in America to really blossom!! But the bishops in the Greek and Antiochian Archdiocese, just to name two, still call the Old World their home.

  16. Michael Geeza Says:

    as posted on, ‘Share your comments’ section regarding ‘Jonah’s Speech on Unity…’

    … It’s time for the Old-World Patriarchates to accept the fact that they are no longer viable entities who can dictate to the rest of the Orthodox world.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    as posted on, ‘Share your comments’ section regarding ‘Jonah’s Speech on Unity…’

    Truly inspiring and saying exactly what EVERY bishop in North America should be saying. No where in Orthodox Canon Law is there a canon which says that foreign bishops control local churches and territories. In fact, the canons are explicit in REJECTING foreign bishop authority. There is no reason for any churches in North America to be under the authority of old country patriarchs - this is non-canonical. Even Chalcedon 28 only gives ancient Constantinople the authority to “appoint” bishops for territories surrounding the Black Sea region - that’s all!
    We don’t have Orthodox unity in America because the hierarchs keep us disunited. It’s time to tell the old country patriarchs to obey canon law and get out of North America!

  18. Steve Knowlton Says:

    as posted on, ‘Share your comments’ section regarding ‘Jonah’s Speech on Unity…’

    … change is not always slow and deliberate. Sometimes it’s fast. How many pragmatic plans were in place when the Berlin wall fell? Maybe +Jonah’s speech frustrates moves by the “other side.” Maybe such a speech encourages the Romanians from going through with their reunion with the Old World, or perhaps it emboldens the Antiochians to stop the entrenchment there. Sometimes, the time is ripe to say the whole unvarnished truth, even if it’s offensive to some. By Pascha, both Romanians and Antiochians might already be more Old Worldish than now. …frankly, now is a great time to speak up about this stuff. What better time to talk about this than at a pan-orthodox vesper service?

  19. V.Rev. C. Calin Says:

    as posted on ‘Comments’ section regarding ‘Metropolitan Jonah…’

    What the Metropolitan stated is simple common sense, and anyone who reads it honestly has to agree. There is no Orthodox Christian presence or witness in the US. The GOA, simply by virtue of their number, political power and wealth, and still riding on the coattails of the late and ever-memorable (and forcibly retired by the Phanar) Abp. Iakovos, is only representative of Greek Orthodoxy, solely devoted to lobbying for pro-Greece issues, and seen as a purely ethnic constituency, not a religious one.
    The time is now — before June comes. We have to stand up and speak the truth with love. Unless you are planning to return to your historic homeland overseas, you are NOT in diaspora. Stop allowing the Church in America to be held hostage by ancient and dying Synods overseas. Sic transit gloria mundi — Kairos! It’s time for the Lord to act!

  20. Preot Trist Says:

    “Pana cand Doamne ne vei uita, pana in sfarsit?” Iata ca am auzit o voce in pustiu care raspunde la acea invocare. Este vocea IPS Jonah care indeamna pe Patriarhii Ortodocsi straini sa plece din America! Le spune clar: “Lasati Biserica Noastra in Pace!” Aici noi suntem acasa, nu voi; noi va primim si nu invers. Minciuna are o limita. Noi nu suntem Diaspora Patriarhiilor straine sau ale guvernelor straine. Este clar si este evident. IPS Jonah are perfecta dreptate si este indreptatit sa spuna cela ce a spus. Sa fim mandri de Mitropolitul nostru.

    Raman totusi trist. Cum se poate ca JDC-ul nostru inca ne dirijeaza spre subjugare sub Patriarhia Romana? La ce folos? Noi am plecat de acolo si stim ce am lasat in urma. Nu vrem sa repetam acea traire ne-bisericeasca in Biserica de aici. Si totusi, JDC ne impinge, ne trage, vrea chiar sa ne oblige sa fim supusi Bisericii Romane unde ierarhia este, - vai de ea! Daca JDC-ul vrea sa mearga sub Patriarhia Romana n-au decat sa paraseasca Episcopia Vatra si sa treaca ca simpli indivizi sub ROAA sau chiar direct sub Biserica Romana. Sa ia si pe toti preotii care s-au vandut in timpul comunismului si sa mearga cu totii sub Biserica Romana. Noi nu plecam, ci Voi sa plecati la stapanii vostri straini! Cum spune Mitropolitul nostru: “Lasati Biserica Noastra in Pace!” Asa spunem si noi: Lasati Episcopia Vatra in Pace! Lasati-ne pe Noi in Pace!

  21. Q Says:

    amen. amen. amen.

  22. John Ziu Says:

    This is a very intriguing speech and state of affairs. It will be interesting, come June, to see if we will attain a broader Orthodox unity in America – i.e., inclusive of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America – by submitting the Orthodox churches of America under the Ecumenical Patriarch. Given that unifying the OCA and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America is a bridge that eventually needs to be built and crossed, submission to the Ecumenical Patriarch would accelerate the pace of a more universally accepted autocephalous American Orthodox Church, perhaps even leading to an American Patriarchate. Of course, presumably the primate would come out of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, or perhaps from the Ecumenical Patriarchate itself, should it be forced to flee persecution and reestablish itself (in exile) in the United States. Regardless, I believe the outcome of the June conference is pertinent to the ROEA. It would seem prudent to postpone a decision on the proposed ROMNA merger at least until after the June conference in order to assess how the landscape may have changed.

  23. hirbea Says:

    Doamne, câtă neodihnă în sufletul adormitului Policarp Moruşca !
    Nu mai suntem vrednici de iubire, de iertare de dreaptă măsură?
    Ce putem face pentru împlinirea dorinţei testamentare de aşezare a osemintelor lui la Vatra, că poate abia atunci vom vedea şi calea.
    O altă urgenţă, pentru însănătoşirea noastră sufletească, ar fi publicarea dosarelor tututror colaboratorilor securităţii şi vinovaţii să fie daţi deoparte. Daţi deoparte pentru că nu au avut tăria unei mărturisiri la începutul “libertăţii” noastre, şi prin minciună, au continuat să ne fure sufletele.
    Dar cine să facă asta, noi suspicioşii, noi suspectaţii uniţi deseori sub pielea aceluiaşi chip?

  24. Mihail Teodorescu Says:

    Sint intru totul de acord ca Biserica Orthodoxa Romina din America sa ramina total independenta inclusiv fata de Biserica Orthodoxa Americana. Riturile si obiceiurile rominesti trebuiesc pastrate folosindu-se numai limba Romina, numai asa ne purem pastra identitatea.
    Ar trebui luptat mai mult pentru unirea tuturor bisericilor rominesti particular din zona New Yorkului unde exista o desbinare profunda inca de pe timpul comunismului.

  25. Administrator Says:

    Biserica Ortodoxa Americana Autocefala include si Episcopia Vatra care este tratata ca o Episcopie de sine statatoare in ceea ce priveste ritul si administratia ei. In ceea ce priveste limba de cult, Episcopia Vatra a luat decizia de mult ca, preotul paroh sa tina slujbele in Romana sau engleza (si chiar franceza) dupa nevoile locale. Intr-o parohie unde majoritatea enoriasilor vorbesc mai mult romana, este normal ca limba de cult sa fie tot romana. Totusi, dupa cateva generatii ajungem in situatia unde copiii si nepotii nu mai vorbesc limba, dar vor sa pastreze religia stamoseasca. Intr-o parohie unde nimeni nu mai vorbeste limba romana, sau intr-o parohie de convertiti, este natural ca slujbele religioase sa fie in engleza. Bine inteles, multe parohii sunt intre cele doua puncte…

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