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Author: Administrator
March 17, 2009
Dear Archbishop Nathaniel, Bishop Irineu, Clergy and Members of our “Vatra” Episcopate:

We are in the midst of a very serious decision that all of us will have to make in the near future. Do we change our Canonical status from being in the Orthodox Church in America to the Orthodox Church of Romania?

We have been separated into two Romanian Canonical bodies for over 60 years. However, we have grown strong in our Episcopate, within the OCA, under the able leadership of our Hierarchs; Archbishop Valerian and Archbishop Nathaniel.Our life is in Jesus Christ. Our home is in North America. We are citizens of the United States and Canada and we love our Romanian heritage.

The laity has a voice in our Church here in North America and they are instrumental in building a strong Orthodox Church and presence on this Continent.

The merit of this canonical unification proposal under the Church of Romania has yet to be openly and fully discussed and presented to us. Until we receive more facts and evidence in regards to the proposed Canonical unity under Romania through SOLIA, the Episcopate website and publicly discuss this matter openly in our Deaneries and Parishes, there is no point in rushing or attempting to prematurely vote on this matter. At present, the only place we have to obtain the full range of information is on, an independent website set up by a concerned group of Episcopate members.

Therefore, let us completely understand all the facts before we decide on this current Unity proposal. We believe an informed Episcopate; hierarchs, clergy and faithful, will make the right decision together.

Yours in Orthodoxy,

Members of the ROEA - OCA

including former Presidents & Councilors:

  • ALDEA, George
  • AVRAMAUT, Nick
  • BUJEA, Eleanor
  • BROTT, Gary
  • COPACIA, Frank
  • DANIS, Gary
  • HATEGAN, John
  • HOYT, Chuck
  • LASCU, Traian
  • LIMBESON, Psa. Betty
  • LIPOVAN, Emily
  • MAXIM, David
  • MICLAU, Dan
  • MURESAN, Ron
  • NAN, Constantine
  • NEMOIANU, Alexandru
  • POPESCU, Alex.
  • PUFESCU, Valer
  • ROGOZAN, Richard
  • ROMAN, Elie
  • ROSS, George
  • SANDRU, Nick
  • SIRBU, Avram
  • TOFAN, Marlene
  • TRUTZA, Pauline
  • VINCENT, Augustin
  • YAZGE, Psa. Stefani (Yova)
  • YOVA, Greg
  • YOVA, Psa. Sylvia
  • ZABLO, David

15 Comments to “AN OPEN LETTER”

  1. Administrator Says:

    Asa am prezentat site-ul si Scrisoarea Deschisa Ierarhilor, Clerului si membrii ROEA:

    Ierarhi, cler si membri ai Episcopiei Ortodoxe Romane din America (ROEA)

    Un nou site independent si anume:””, a fost lansat pentru a informa cei interesati din Episcopia noastra “Vatra” (ROEA) despre posibila unire dintre ROEA Americana ( Episcopia Ortodoxa Romana din America) cu ROAA Romana (Arhiepiscopia Ortodoxa Romana din America), si aceasta numai sub Patriarhia Romana si nu sub Biserica Ortodoxa Autocefala in America (OCA). Chiar daca acest website a fost lansat acum cateva luni, nu a fost mediatizat pana acum.

    Acest site incearca sa ofere mai multe informatii despre problemele Unirii, decat au fost puse la dispozitie pana in prezent. S-a facut simtita nevoia acestor fapte concrete înainte de a se lua decizii care pot avea implicaţii vaste, atat pentru noi cat şi pentru Biserica noastra în America de Nord. Ar fi de apreciat pentru preotii care cred ca acest website este de folos, daca ar informa delegatii lor pentru Congresul Episcopesc, Comitetele si membri bisericii lor despre existenta acestui nou website independent. Este important ca un dialog deschis si informat, incepand de la nivelul de parohie/ misiune este pornit inainte de a se lua orice decizie in privinta unei posibile uniri dintre ROEA Americana cu ROAA Romana, sub Patriarhia Romana.

    Gasiti alaturat o «Scrisoare Deschisa» despre acest subiect, semnata de lideri laici ai Episcopiei, multi care au trecut si prin problemele aici cu Patriarhia Romana din 1950.


    This is how we presented the website and the above open letter by email to Hierarchs, Clergy and members of the ROEA:

    Hierarchs, clergy and members of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America (ROEA)

    A new and independent website, “”, has been launched to inform those concerned within our “Vatra” Episcopate (ROEA) about the possible unity of the American ROEA (Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America) with Romania’s ROAA (Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese of the Americas), and this only under the Romanian Patriarchate and not under the Autocephalous Orthodox Church in America. Although this website was launched a few months ago, it was not widely publicized until now.

    This website attempts to offer more input on the Unity issue than has currently been made available. It is felt that complete facts are required prior to making informed decisions on this topic that has far-reaching implications for us and our Church in North America. It would be appreciated if the Priests who feel that this website is useful would inform their Episcopate Congress delegates, their Councils and their church members about the existence of this new and independent website. It is important that an open and informed dialogue, starting at the parish/ mission level, is undertaken prior to taking any kind of decision regarding a possible unity of the American ROEA with the Romanian ROAA under the Romanian Patriarchate.

    Find attached an “Open Letter” regarding this subject, signed by lay leaders of our Episcopate, many of whom also went through the 1950’s problems here with the Romanian Patriarchate.


  2. Fr. Paul Maletta Says:

    Hello, Thank you very much for the e-mail and the attachments. I will review them and the website with great interest. Again, thnk you for forwarding this to me. God bless you!

  3. CALIN, Fr. Christopher Says:

    Add my name to the list.

  4. John Says:

    Have no fear about reunion with the Church of the Holy Martyrs of Romania and the saintly Elder Cleopa!

    There are many loud and leading voices in the OCA that want you to JUST FORGET about the martyrs of Romania, the monastic revival in Romania, the many spiritual gianst like Elder Cleopa that God is raising up in Romania.

    Never forget!

  5. Administrator Says:

    As you should know, noone disputes that the church of Romania had and has many Holy Martyrs. The problem is that today’s “Holy” Synod is not representative of those you refer to. Unhappily the actual Romanian Patriorchate is having problems with credibility even domesticly. Do not forget they are but paid employees of the Romanian State and are therefore accountable to them. We do not wish that this foreign Church or Government interfere with our North American Church Life. We are not their Diaspora.

  6. william clark Says:

    God bless everyone on this site, Christ is always with us. Have a holy Lent and a blessed Pascha. Pray for me as I once again travel to The Decent of the Holy Spirit in Indiana. Last year I was overjoyed to have served in Warren Ohio.AS a supply priest its great to travel for His Eminence anywhere. Pray for our wonderful Episcopate,and His Eminence as the Holy Spirit will guide us to make the decisions as we are led. Also please up date this website so all our people will pray and not argue . Love and prayers FR BILL

  7. John Trotogott Says:

    To whomever alerted me to this situation…”thank you”. I cannot believe this is even an issue. I can imagine how our parents, grandparents etc are reeling. Who initiated this? Why? After all the hard work that was done; over the many years…the Episcopate cannot be installed under the Church of Romania.

    If I can lend support please contact me. I really want to know all about this issue.

    John Trotogott

  8. Mike Reed Says:

    I support your effort.

    Mike Reed
    Ann Arbor, MI

  9. Dinu Negru Says:

    Va multumesc pentru scrisoarea trimisa. Locuesc in Statele Unite de peste 40 de ani si am vizitat Romania - in ultimii 20 de ani - de mai multe ori. Personal consider ca, pe moment, o eventuala unificare canonica cu Patriarhia Orthodoxa din Romania nu este binevenita. Intrun viitor mai indepartat aceasta ideie poate sa fie binevenita. Pana atunci dorindu-va intelepciune in aceasta directie, raman al Dvs intru Hristos

  10. Constantin Aure Ardeleanu Says:

    Amen! May God open the eyes of all to see. The action taken by Antioch should be an example for all.

  11. Preoteasa Says:

    Someone please help me to understand how the unification of the two dioceses and of our leaving the OCA will project a united American Orthodox Church? And will grow the Orthodox Church in America? I have yet to grasp it and instead I see a seperate ethnic Romanian Orthodox Church and I wonder then what? After all this time, dialogue, meetings, etc. etc. and being involved on the front line, so to speak because of the fact that I am married to a priest I still just don’t get it!

  12. Administrator Says:

    Preoteasa, I am saddened by your dilemma.

    Forgive me if I use an example to better explain my argument.

    Two workers look outside the office window and see that it is cloudy and raining. The Manager comments: “what a wonderful sunny day.” What does the Secretary say? It IS miserable outside, but does she feel capable of contradicting her Manager? Would he be mean to her if she stated the obvious? Demote her … or worse? Maybe. Maybe not. Is the risk worth finding out? Ah! Too many questions. And then she is seen nodding in agreement as she leaves his office to refill the Manager’s coffee cup … HELLO! I hope she doesn’t.

    This is our dilemma. The JDC is stating things that are not there. It IS raining outside. Unity under Bucharest is a giant step back in time. We would re-become a foreign country’s Diaspora, and our churches and cultural centres would become political platforms for the foreign affairs goals of Romania. Christ? Salvation? None of that. Instead the habits of the Romanian Church would take hold here. Bribery, simony, paying for favors/ parishes/ missions/ titles, where the priests are always afraid of their bishops because of the power they wield… All this and more could happen.

    Clearly, Unity under Bucharest is an ethnic solution that leads us away from a true Autocephalous North American multi-jurisdictional Orthodox Church we pray for. Clearly, we must all think about our children here, in North America. Will they prefer to be part of the OCA, or will they accept being under a foreign Church led by people from there, who report to the Romanian Patriarchate and the Romanian Government which pays their salaries, and therefore calls the shots? The OCA sounds to many of us as the correct answer.

    It is up to all of us to stand up and declare that Unity under Bucharest makes NO SENSE, and this without fear of reprisal. Remember, we are free and live in a free country thanks to the sacrifices of our parents. Let us respect and even cherish the responsibility that comes with it.

    In short, Preoteasa, it is NOT sunny outside. Do not believe that it is. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise and certainly let no one coerce you into adopting their convoluted position because it is expedient to do so. Your eyes work just fine! Indeed, our beloved ROEA is definitely under a rainy cloud and it is up to us to pray for a real wonderful and sunny day when all this nonsense about leaving the OCA will have blown away!

  13. C James Stanitz Jr. Says:

    Please keep me informed! I am quite concerned and against. I am all in favor of our Vatra, the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America as a free an independant church! For Romanian Americans. Only as a part of (OCA) …Contact me what can I do to help!
    James Stanitz

  14. Liviu Says:

    E greu sa inteleg faptul ca; cei care vin in Statele Unite ale Americii nu vor sa se anihileze la tainele de aici.

  15. Dr. Dennis J. Ghindia Says:

    Please keep me informed of this very important issue. I too have very mixed feelings about the Episcopate leaving the OCA.

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