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… bishop!

Author: Raluca Avram
December 22, 2008
From; (Excerpts from the Romanian article and unofficial translation)

(In the summer of 2007)…the (Romanian) Orthodox Dean of New York, Casian (Fetea), (arrives) at Otopeni airport, so that he can participate in the enthronement ceremonies of his childhood friend Daniel, as Patriarch of Romania.  Upon arriving in the country Casian is told that the Patriarch wants him to become the Bishop of the Romanian Orthodox in New York.

11-episcop… Casian Fetea was 55 years of age…  He was “a handsome man”, with graying hair, imposing… Born in Brusturi, he completed Seminary in Caransebes, and then the Theological Institute of Bucharest.  He was ordained into the priesthood in 1976 by the Bishop of Oradia, Vasile Coman, and served as a priest in the Alesd area until 1986, when he emigrated to America.  Some priests say that he was helped in this by a cousin who worked for the Securitate and was responsible for the ministry of Cults. …  When he left he was married, but after a few years his wife died in America, remembers a priest who knew him…

… From 1986, Casian served the Nativity of the Ever Virgin Mary Church in Elmhurst, New York.   In the summer of 2007, 20 years after having settled in America, Father Casian Fetea arrived in Romania to participate in the enthronement of his good friend (see photo) Patriarch Daniel, who told him that he would be named Bishop in New York.  He died on December 28, 2007, having suffered a heart attack in the Church where he served as priest.

3 Comments to “… bishop!”

  1. Administrator Says:

    Acest extras de articol, care a aparut pe situl « », din 22 decembrie 2008, confirma ca Exarhatul la care sa refera IPS Mitropolitul Laurentiu Streza la Chicago pe data de 6 iulie, 2008, asa zisul ‘Plan B’, nu era numai « pur si simplu o atentionare si a unora (ROEA) si a altora (ROAA) ». Planul B, un nou Exarhat, sau Episcopie pentru America, sub omoforul direct al Bisericii Ortodoxe Romane din Bucuresti si nicidecum afiliata cu ROAA, Arhiepiscopia lui IPS Nicolae (care tot depinde de Bucuresti) si nici afiliata cu ROEA, Episcopia IPS Nathaniel (care depinde de Biserica Ortodoxa Americana), ar fi fost deja aprobat si chiar Episcopul numit, si asta inca din vara 2007! Unirea n’ar fi atunci insemnat?:

    ROAA (BOR) (IPS Nicolae [Roman] + PS Ioan-Casian [Roman])
    + ROEA(OCA) (IPS Nathaniel [American] + PS Irineu [Roman])
    + Noul Exarhat(BOR) (PS Casian Fetea? [Roman])
    Noua Mitropolie sub Bucuresti, cu un Minimum de 1 Mitropolit si 4 Episcopi

    Ce cuvant ar fi avut singurul Episcop nascut in America contra 4 nascuti in Romania, chiar daca ar fi fost ales Mitropolit? Ce rol ar fi avut ROEA cu numai 2/5 Episcopi comparat cu 3/5 care ar fi fost deja sub Bucuresti? Sau ce rol ar fi avut ROEA ca 1/3 Eparhii? Este din ce in ce mai clar ca planul Bucurestiului este de a controla « Diaspora Romaneasca ». Acest nou exarhat sub Bucuresti ar fi putut sa se encadreze foarte bine intr-un astfel de plan. Acest articol ne da mult de gandit in ceia ce priveste adevaratele intentii ale Patriarhiei Romane… Noul Exarhat nu mai este pe masa (poate ca nu.) Arata mai bine pentru Episcopia noastra (ROEA), dar cu inca numai 1 din 4 Episcopi nascut in America si 3 cetateni Romani este greu sa vedem cum BOR pierde.

  2. Administrator Says:

    The excerpts of this article, which appeared on the « » website on December 22, 2008, confirm that the Exarchate referred to by His Eminence, Metropolitan Laurentiu Streza in Chicago on July 6, 2008, the so-called ‘Plan B’, was not only “simply meant to be a warning to both (ROEA and ROAA) sides”. Plan B, a new Exarchate, or a new Episcopate in America, under the direct canonical coverage of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Bucharest (BOR), and not at all affiliated with Archbishop Nicolae’s ROAA (which is also under Bucharest) nor with Archbishop Nathaniel’s ROEA (which is under the Orthodox Church in America), was already approved and a Bishop named from the summer of 2007! Wouldn’t Unity have thus meant?:

    ROAA (BOR) (AB. Nicolae [Romanian] + B. Ioan-Casian [Romanian])
    + ROEA(OCA) (AB. Nathaniel [American] + B. Irineu [Romanian])
    + New Exarchate(BOR) (B. Casian Fetea? [Romanian])
    New Metropolitanate under Bucharest, with a Minimum of 1 Metropolitan and 4 Bishops

    What say would the only Bishop born in America have versus 4 born in Romania, even if he were to be voted Metropolitan? What role would the ROEA have had with only 2/5 Bishops compared to 3/5 that would have already been under Bucharest rule. Or what role would the ROEA have played as only 1/3 of the Eparchies? It is becoming clearer and clearer that Bucharest’s plan is to control the “Romanian Diaspora”. This new Exarchate under Bucharest would have easily integrated into this type of plan. This article gives us much to ponder regarding the true intentions of the Romanian Patriarchate… The new Exarchate is no longer on the table (well, maybe not). This would seem to be better for our Episcopate (ROEA) but then with still only 1 out of 4 Bishops born in America and the other 3 being Romanian nationals, it is difficult to see how BOR loses.

  3. william clark Says:

    I heard rumors back in ‘07 but thought they were just gossip made up by some wild man. Now I see this was true.With the recent interference from abroad in the Antioarchian juristriction I thought can this happen to us. (I am a priest under AB Nathaniel roea. This is why we are always referred as a loosely connected group of churches. I am American born and I love the ROEA, because I thought at least here (roea) we are really part of america and try to make America Orthodox. After being ordained at almost 68 years of age I still have time to make a difference. Now I am almost 75 and still trying to defeat the HUGH Ethnic hurdle. Believe dear friends its very slow going. Do we really need a new control RISK by linking up with the old country,????? Perhaps I pray for God’s Will to be done, so what ever happens we will stay true to HIM. God bless all of you on this site, have a prayful Great Lent, and a Glorious Pascha. With Love Fr William John Clark.

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