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‘The Culture of Fear’

Author: Alex. Nemoianu
September 22, 2008
The formula, “culture of fear” is a good example of an argumentation that is overused and abused.

It is most often used by individuals with questionable morals, a dubious past and with even more dubious present intentions, who choose this formula in order to silence others who, in good faith, have justifiable reservations or downright doubts, in regards to dealing with the present day Romanian authorities, lay or ecclesiastic.

We must be well understood on this point.  In today’s Romania, wherever there is anything of consequence, the political class and its associations, lay people or ecclesiastics, all face a terrible “kleptocracy”.  In the way everything is done, in the way all things are understood, this “modus operandi” is being continuously repeated, and all this has contributed to the creation of this “culture”.  In this context, those who reject a dialogue with today’s Romanian leadership do so, not because of the “culture of fear” promulgated by the ruling classes, but because of a fear of this “culture”.

Thus, to even contemplate having dealings with, unity under, or subordination to, the representatives of this “kleptocracy” is very dangerous, particularly for those not “schooled” in this new “culture”.

Alexandru Nemoianu

September 22, 2008

One Comment to “‘The Culture of Fear’”

  1. Un prieten Says:

    Dl. Nemoianu,

    Fiecare dintre noi judeca in functie de cultura si educatia noastra, in functie de inteligenta pe care am primit-o la nastere, si tinand cont de parerile formulate in alte cazuri unde am judecat asemenea probleme, fiindca incercam intotdeauna sa fim consistent in logica noastra.

    Deci, este important sa ai cat mai mult in comun cu persoanele cu care vrei sa te inteleg. Cand veniti din alte lumi, este foarte greu sa va intelegeti. Ce este:

    Adevarul? O notiune filosofica pentru unii, un absolut pentru altii!

    Furatul? Pentru unii an act ce il faci la nevoie, iar pentru altii un pacat fara scuze!

    Dreptate? Un termen folosit de cei care castiga, si Pedeapsa descrie ce li se cade celor care pierd! Nimic in piatra… totul fluid… Unde este Dumnezeu in aceasta explicatie?

    Este greu sa te inteleg cu cei care nu impartasesc valoriile tale, dar cum vrei sa te intelegi cu cei care nu au valori, cu cei care au adoptat o noua « cultura »?… Fereste-te!!!

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