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Author: Administrator
August 8, 2008
The Orthodox Brotherhood, an auxiliary of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America (ROEA), has published its latest Bulletin, this one entitled “On Unity”.The August 2008 edition, edited by Fr. Dimitrie Vincent, can be found in the “Documents” section of this website.

4 Comments to “Orthodox Brotherhood Bulletin”

  1. Fr. Cornel Todeasa Says:

    Dear Fr. Vincent:

    To respond to your request for “feedback” on your recent editorial efforts, I would like to say that your publication is ugly. It’s ugly not only in its presentation (interminably long and crowded to confusion), but is also ugly and deceiving in its content. It is a treatise entitled “On Unity” which promotes disunity.

    Fr. Vincent, where have you been? For many years you had little to do with our Episcopate. Suddenly you appeared from out of the blue professing to understand our Episcopate, its faithful, and its needs. Do you now attempt to shape its future? Since you left our Episcopate many things have changed: the cold war is over (did you notice that?) and Romania, a member of NATO and of the European Union, is a partner with the USA in the war against terrorism. Foremost, the structure of our Episcopate has changed. Parishes which once were big and vibrant parishes are now smaller, struggling to make ends meet. Some of them were revitalized by the new immigration. Missions or small parishes at the time when you knew first hand our Episcopate are now large parishes (some are the largest in the Episcopate), and they are formed by newcomers from Romania. This summer I had a chance to serve again in my first parish, Holy Cross in Alexandria, VA. What a joy it was for me. This is a parish which I thought, when I left to go to St. Paul over 23 years ago, had no future. Now it is full of young people and children. The average age of its membership is under 40 years old. The faithful there have not been touched by the cold war mentality. This mentality is alive, however, in some of the members of the not-so-brotherly Brotherhood.

    Oh brother, where art thou? The unity we are talking about is not with the Patriarchate of Romania, but with our brothers and sisters from North America. Only a mean step-brother does not want to be united with his brothers. It is the eternal story of Joseph and his brothers, isn’t it? This unity will bring many benefits: spiritual strength, greater missionary potential, and especially order among the divided and independent parishes on this continent. It is a beginning for the greater unity of Orthodox Christians in North America. If two small dioceses formed by brothers and sisters cannot be united, it makes no sense to dream about a greater unity among all the Orthodox in North America. The offer made to us by the Patriarch is the best possible. It surpasses the autonomy accorded to the Antiochian diocese. If we do not take this great offer made to us by the Patriarch, we should have not only our faith but also our heads examined.

    However, it’s more about canonicity. The OCA is only a semi-canonical mitropolia, since it is recognized as autocephalous by its giver alone, the Patriarchate of Moscow. We, in turn, are connected with the OCA by a legal contract with no canonical value. Take a hard and honest look at what we are and where we have been: we are a sort of independent archdiocese and act as such, which is semi-heretical, if not heretical. While there were some reasons for this division, they were only political, not ecclesiastical. Since the political reasons for this division (schism) do not exist anymore, it is time for us to correct our canonicity within the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Ecclesiologically, the other diocese was right all along. Perhaps they were politically incorrect, but they were ecclesiologically accurate.

    Crazy as a loon! While some leaders in our Episcopate may enjoy this kind of “freedom” – as you call it in your publication – which we have in the OCA, it contravenes our faith and administratively it is very precarious. It starts at the diocesan level, but trickles down to the parish level and into the lives of the faithful. To recommend remaining in this semi-canonical defunct church organization – and I mean in the OCA – is in fact irresponsible. Furthermore, anyone who would believe that the other diocese would join us with the OCA must be, as my mother-in-law likes to say, crazy as a loon.

    This member of the silent majority could not silently sit by without taking a stand. While there are several more ideas I’d like to “feedback” to you, that will have to be all for now.

    Yours in Christ,
    Fr. Cornel Todeasa

  2. Mark A. Vincent Says:

    Many e-mails in defense of Fr. Dimitrie have been circulated

    To Fr.Cornel Todeasa:

    Let me tell you something “Priest”( and I use that term loosely). Majority you are not, but silent you soon will become! If you think that all my brothers and sisters, in our Episcopate, will just sit back and let the few misguided or corrupt individuals lead us back to the Stoneage, then you should just get back on the boat that brought you here and go back to the “Mother Land”. Our allegiance and love for Trifa, Trutza and Toconita and everything that those men and our fathers and grandfathers stood for, has been instilled in us ten fold. Not you or any other person will break that.

    Looking forward to meeting you face to face for some more “feedback”!

  3. A sinner Says:

    Wowwww!!! Interesting way of talking among brethren. Just be carefull so that while talking about unity we ourselves don’t become enemies.

    God bless both of you.

  4. anonymous Says:

    yes, this has been my experience also from knowing him from the Congress. A bit of a loose canon. I also commend Father Vincent for his professional looking publication. Father Cornel presents no good argument for joining the Romanian Patriarch. England is also a member of NATO and the European Union and they support the US fight on terrorism. Should we join its patriarch?

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