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Author: Episcopul (Bishop) Irineu
July 6, 2008

unnofficial transcription in Romanian from the video found at

(unofficial translation of highlights into English)

Dear brother clergy, dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

…What happened today here in Chicago, at the Sts. Constantine and Helen Cathedral, is the will of God more than it is the will of the people… And I praise the Lord for my having participated at an historic event in the life of this eparchy and in our life, the life of both Romanian eparchies that will be together… After 65 years of division, even though after the 1989 Revolution these two eparchies became closer, priests served together, but this was not enough since love encompasses all, and we wanted administrative and spiritual oneness as a Church to return, all of us, to our mother- Church, which is our good Church.

… It is sad, but true, and here we need your prayers, so that God may illuminate the minds of all those who remain against it so that they be brought onto the good path, since we do not do this for ourselves but for our future and for our Romanian people spread out over oceans and in other lands.

This year together we celebrated 125 years since the birth of our first Romanian Bishop, Policarp Morusca, and the 50 year anniversary of his passing to eternal life.  I believe that his soul, there in the heavens, is content seeing us, his spiritual children, together.  I believe that today, his prayers were fulfilled, as well as the prayers of those of us who yearned that this separation be over, and now we are together…

We are sons of the same nation and may God help us become a Romanian Metropolitanate so that we also may have a word to say in this country…  Let us no longer dig up the past, beloved ones, since there were mistakes made on one side and on the other. To err is human; to forgive is divine…And let us reach that Special Congress where we will be together, our Romanian Orthodox brother priests, and let us be of one mind and one feeling, so that we may maintain our beautiful and saintly traditions, these which no other people and no other faith has, only we Romanian people possess these.  Dear faithful, do not believe that this was easy for us, and as I explained to His Eminence Laurentiu this morning when we met and he asked me: “how did things happen?”  and I responded: “Your Eminence, we battled with the gates of hell, but we won, because the Church and her faith will never perish!”… And let God help us to enjoy this gift, since our unity is nothing less than a gift from God.  This was not our will but the will of God and the workings of the Holy Spirit…

Bishop Irineu

July 6, 2008.

3 Comments to “BISHOP IRINEU’S Homily”

  1. Costel Says:

    La numai cateva ore de la incheierea Congresului Anual de la Vatra Romaneasca (ROEA), din anul acesta, 4-5 iulie 2008, primim o veste socanta pentru Episcopia Vatra Romaneasca, si anume ca unirea dintre cele doua Episcopii (ROEA si ROAA) a avut loc si ca ,,au luptat cu iadul, dar au biruit’’. O mare minciuna!

    Pentru noi cei veniti din Romania, nu este de mirare ca minciuna este ,,adevar’’ si invers, fiind invatati de regimul comunist asa, insa pentru majoritatea celor prezenti la acest Congres si mai ales pentru cei convertiti la orthodoxie, preoti si credinciosi, aceasta inseamna minciuna, dezamagire si sminteala.

    Oare cum mai poti ridica ochii catre asemenea oameni, care au ales sa vina la Domnul Hristos, au descoperit ,,Adevarul’’ in aceasta Episcopie de la Vatra, s-au alaturat fratilor la bine si la rau, ca deodata sa-i spui ca nu-ti mai este frate, este dusman si chiar ,, poarta a iadului’’. Daca ar fi fost oameni ai iadului, nu ar mai fi primit in randul lor, nici un roman , fie credincios , preot sau episcop, venit din Romania comunista si acum ar fi avut pace. Dar au deschis usa la toti, i-au primit si ajutat, ca acum sa se bucure de rasplata: minciuna!

    Oare ca sa te numesti ,,frate de credinta si neam’’, trebuie sa fii dirijat din tara? Daca in tara totul este de furat, aici, e mai greu! Nu poti sa furi sentimentele, credinta si chiar bunurile agonisite de zeci si zeci de ani! Acesta e un semnal de alarma pentru toti care doresc unitatea sub Patriarhie.

  2. A sinner Says:

    Whoever translated His Grace’s sermon, omitted to translate an important part which is “…we still have to make a few more steps”. Maybe it’s not important, but at least this is my opinion.

    God bless us.

  3. Aministrator Says:

    I think it is clear and obvious in the abridged English version and in the full unadulterated Romanian text what Bishop Irineu means…

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