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April 10 2008: Response

Author: Alex. C. Popescu
April 10, 2008

Your Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel,
and Very Reverend Fathers of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America Dialogue Commission,

I have recently read three documents that demand the attention of those of us who love the Church of our Fathers.  The documents entitled “AGREED STATEMENT” and “REGARDING THE DIALOGUE WITH THE ROMANIAN PATRIARCHATE” are both available on our Episcopate’s website.  The third document, a “LETTER TO ARCHBISHOP NICOLAE FROM THE ROMANIAN PATRIARCH DANIEL” is available in Romanian on the website of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese of America which falls under the Romanian Patriarchate.  Those of us who have laid the cornerstones or who have parents/ grandparents who have founded and/or have maintained this continent’s Romanian Orthodox Churches and indeed, those that are established  throughout the world outside Romania, and this without any help from the Romanian Government or Patriarchate, we also have something to say about the future of our Church.

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